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  1. Logistics Do I have the ability to host a DCS server (Internet Connection >150mb up/down)? NO Am I willing to attend DCS events?* YES Am I interested in DCS "tactical" seminars taught by UPT trainee Force_Majeure? YES (module purchase pending) Theaters Do I own the Nevada Theater? YES Will I own the Normandy Theater on release? NO Missions Pick one of the following as a preference in your response for this section: Low Level Air to Ground Mbot "Dynamic Campaign" Missions Helicopters! Modules Combined Arms Flaming Cliffs 3 A-10C F-15C F-86 Black Shark Mi-8 P-51 Su-25 Su-27 UH-1H MiG-21 A-10A
  2. Best thing I can recommend is watching the Dev gameplay videos and decide for yourself. There's a whole slew of them around here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ParadoxExtra/videos
  3. Take care, man. Try to find the humor where you can, and don't let the dickheads drag you down.
  4. Good to hear you're recovered and able to get back out there. Though I am curious, has this affected your wonderful singing voice? I might still need you for that barbershop quartet that I've totally talked to you about all the time and am not making up on the spot. Not one bit. Also, lets compare scars some time. Which is not a metaphor for comparing wangs. Unless you want it to be.
  5. Watched most of the stream today. The most interesting part was an F-117 Stream.miz mixed in among the other mission files for flyable aircraft.
  6. Gonna try to make it in for this, now that I know it exists again. Are we using the latest DCS version for this? And what does the green cockpit mod do? Also, to plug my edit of the labels mod, so that you can identify squad-mates at close distance, like while taxiing.
  7. That's not what I'm saying at all, I'm just saying that I dislike having 100% lit suddenly transition to 100% black the way this script current works. As I know nothing about how overlaying a .paa on the map works, I don't know if this can be worked around or what. Now that's fancy! Even though I dislike some of the stuff, immersion is obviously a subjective thing. I thank you for taking the time to make the script. Anyways, moreso than flashlights, I still wonder why lowering viewdistance with NVGs is a thing. Speaking from experience, NVGs let me see further, clearer, and even through the clouds when compared to unaided.
  8. I'm thinking more of the classic upside-down L shaped US flashlights. Even with the red filter on, it could at least light up a whole piece of paper to a decent amount. Light tends to scatter, after all.
  9. I think it's become that for all the barracks channels.
  10. I find most of this to be rather weird. It's like looking at the map through a lighted tube instead of using a flashlight, especially without a red filter like Kirby mentioned. Also don't understand the view distance limit on NVGs, if anything it should increase the view distance, which sadly comes at a performance hit.
  11. To the best of my knowledge, we haven't updated RHS to the 0.3.6 in our modpack, reason given earlier in the thread. It could be more likely RHS and other mods not playing nicely with the new ArmA patch, 1.40, which did several changes to sounds and magazines among other things.
  12. Just do all your IFR practice in the MiG-21bis in DCS. More serious, if you want any help with weight and balance, I can give some. Also got a simple Google Docs sheet that helps calculate.
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