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  1. Honestly the anecdotes are super helpful. It's nice having context for people's decisions. But I see your point. Thanks everyone for the feedback so far, keep it coming. For those of you discussing timing problems, could you also suggest alternative times that would work better?
  2. So, our DCS attendance is lacking. Tell us what your participation is like right now, and how you think UOAF could cater to you personally to increase your participation.
  3. Scope

    UOAF - DCS 10 - 1800z

    In, Viggen
  4. The calendar link will be online shortly... but in, Viggen preferred.
  5. Tentatively able to participate over the next couple of days. Hornet, Harrier, and Hog will be the money makers for BLUFOR.
  6. ATTN: Due to low attendance last week, this event will be re-hosted this Sunday, the 22nd. Please re-RSVP.
  7. So, how do we enforce everyone at every event having this enabled? Has it been tested in an environment where, for example, someone with the mod ENABLED kills a bandit and someone with the mod DISABLED is on the server? Does the player without the mod still see the modified missile traveling at the higher energies that the mod introduces? Is there desync or other issues as a result of this? If the server has pure clients enforced and the mod installed, will it enforce modified clients or "vanilla" clients? Could that be used to enforce mod consistency?
  8. So if one player on the server doesn't have the mod, it won't work for anyone?
  9. Can you elaborate on the testing that revealed that all players would be required to run the mod, lest it not work at all?
  10. Scope

    UOAF - DCS 7 - 1500z

    In! Uzi1'1 preferred.
  11. UOAF DCS Session 7 - Sunday [2018-07-22, 1500z] Theater: Caucasus RESERVE YOUR SLOT (CLICK TO SEE ALL BRIEFING PAGES) STRIKE/BAI June 29, 1992 - 10:00h local. War, war never changes. The boiling point for the Caucasus region has been reached -- it has been just one hour since the failed Russian attack on the USS John C. Stennis, but things move quickly at the start of WWIII. Russian forces from the 1st Armored Battalion have invaded Georgia along the western seaboard, and are steadily moving towards the smoldering city of Sukhumi. Meanwhile, Russian CAP has isolated Abkhazian airspace and established a no-fly zone extending along the coast. It is imperative that VMFA-122, alongside their fellow Marines and Navy brothers, act quickly to stem the flow of Russian aggression sweeping across Georgia. Colt1 will conduct a strike mission against five key bridges located at three locations along MSR Whisky to halt the Russian armored advance. Dodge1 will interdict the 1st Armored along MSR Whisky in a delaying action. At the time of briefing, the 1st is nearing Gudauta from the west. Enfield1 will provide escort to Colt1 and Dodge1, then fly a BARCAP on the eastern side of the AO. Ford1 will provide escort to Uzi1, then fly a BARCAP on the western side of the AO. Uzi1 will perform DEAD against SA-8 "Gecko" SAMs located at Gudauta airfield and destroy any anti-air assets employed by the 1st Armored. THREATS SA-8 "Gecko" SAMs / ZU-23-2 "Zeus" AAA located at Gudauta Airport MANPAD threat throughout Abkhazia west of Sukhumi SA-3 "Goa" / SA-11 "Gadfly" / ZU-23-2 "Zeus" AAA at Sochi Airport SA-10 "Grumble" / SA-11 "Gadfly" in Russia MiG-21bis out of Sochi MiG-21bis / MiG-23 out of Maykop + Vody RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Weapons free on confirmed Russian aircraft. IFF and reasonable threat required for BVR engagement. VID required where no reasonable threat presented. Do not trespass the Russian border. PACKAGE ORDER 1. Colt1 - 4-ship F/A-18A - STRIKE COM2 Ch.1/123.100mHz-AM TACAN: 11X/74Y/74X/11Y Loadout: 4x Mk84, 2x AIM-7M, 2x AIM-9M, 1x 330gal. fuel tank 2. Dodge1 - 4-ship F/A-18A - BAI COM2 Ch.2/123.200mHz-AM TACAN: 12X/75Y/75X/12Y Loadout: 8x Mk83, 2x AIM-7M, 2x AIM-9M, 1x 330gal. fuel tank 3. Enfield1 - 4-ship F/A-18A - CAP EAST COM2 Ch.3/123.300mHz-AM TACAN: 13X/76Y/76X/13Y Loadout: 4x AIM-7M, 6x AIM-9M, 1x 330gal. fuel tank 4. Ford1 - 4-ship F/A-18A - CAP WEST COM2 Ch.4/123.400mHz-AM TACAN: 14X/77Y/77X/14Y Loadout: 4x AIM-7M, 6x AIM-9M, 1x 330gal. fuel tank 5. Uzi1- 4-ship AV-8B - DEAD COM2 Ch.5/123.500mHz-AM TACAN: 15X/78Y/78X/15Y Loadout: 2x AGM-65G, 2x AGM-122 Sidearm, 2x AIM-9M, GAU-8 gun pod, DECM pod Darkstar - E2-D AWACS - COM1 Ch.Guard (G)/243.000mHz-AM Arco - S-3B Tanker - COM1 Ch.Guard (G)/243.000mHz-AM, 69X Homeplate - Kobuleti, COM1 Ch.15 262.000mHz-AM, 67X, RW 07/25 Divert - Senaki, COM1 Ch.16 261.000mHz-AM, 31X, RW 09/27 CSG - USS John C. Stennis, COM1 Ch.15 127.500mHz-AM, 77X, HDG 038 CSG - USS Tarawa, COM1 Ch.15 127.600mHz-AM, 88X, HDG 038 Package - COM1 Ch.17/251.000mHz-AM Weather/Time Light wind, light clouds, good visibility 10:00h local, morning Minimum competencies will be enforced for this event. Simple Radio Standalone WILL be required for participation, please come with it setup and tested previously. Start time is STRICTLY enforced, players will be expected to be in server lobby with SRS and Teamspeak enabled and functioning PRIOR TO 15:00z.
  12. Pontiac preferred
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