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  1. Hey all, Just wanted to let you know the licenses have now found a new home. Fly safe! =]
  2. Hi there, Since no one else has shown any interest, I'm happy to give these modules to you. I will need your username and email that you use for DCS so I can fill in a support ticket to have a license bound to another person (check screenshot). PM me you details if you are okay with that.
  3. Hi guys, I don't have any immediate contacts to take me up on this so I thought I'd drop a line here. I currently have spare licences in DCS for the WW2 assets pack and for the Normandy map (I bought them on sale without realising I already had access to them as an original Kickstarter backer for the DCS WW2 project). My only concern is that they go to someone who is genuinely active in DCS and would get some real use from them. Feel free to drop me a line or reply here if you are interested. p.s. Just to be clear, I am not selling these, I will give them away for free.
  4. I also like to use AutoHotKey. You can have multiple configurations too. I have one for each game I play where the PTT key(s) are different (i.e. on warthog throttle button for flight sims)
  5. Rookie Ceud, reporting for duty! =p https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B52qpBK3e1Grdjdyem92OVo1MFU/view?usp=sharing
  6. A short video of the battle against a 3rd rate. Padded it out a little by showing me being pounded by massive balls first.
  7. Aye well, I bought it too. I think I am called Ceud ingame. Also went Brits.
  8. Bugger! First of me reading this... On Wodens day! =[ Sounds like you all had a good time. Might join you next week then.
  9. The only real problems I've ever noticed were when trying to join a session (of friends, crew whatever) can fail continually, a real pain when that happens. But in-game FPS and lag is usually fine (once saw a guy warping about, but he was the only one). In other news... What Arnoldio said, need more muscle. We played for probably a couple of hours or so last night and never saw any other crew members. Lucky for us the intro heist is a 2-man thing =]
  10. Browning. Size is everything! (Though I do love the balls-out badassery of Zumorcs whole ensemble!)
  11. Here is my repost. No creativity to speak off I'm afraid, just that shameless selfie look =[] p.s. I know this is later than stated cut-off. I am okay with that, my facial hair is reward enough =p
  12. Gentlemen, ladies, I present to you... Wing Commander Van Dyke (Gratuitous selfie warning!) p.s. I already have the 21, just posting for kudos =p
  13. Either they used the word astrological correctly, in which case, fuck that. Or.. they meant astronomical and don't know any better, in which case, fuck that.
  14. A most welcome surprise indeed. I have just upgraded my GPU and monitor and now I feel vindicated in doing so, I can hardly wait to start exploring the galaxy in ultra high definition. =]
  15. I got this. I have no idea why, I am bloody crap at it.
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