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  1. Thanks, I've digging into this the past week. Hopefully will have some missions out soon.
  2. You are correct Krause, this is not the playthrough I posted.
  3. Want to take RTO course so sign me on this please. TS/In-game: Charlie Foxtrot
  4. Thanks BlackHawk - fun mission. Watching Alex and JarHead in the LB doing figure 8's the whole time in the replay
  5. My Role: Door gunner for Victor 1 (Blackhawk) Victor 1 Pilot: Kerry CO: Albatross Mission: Acquire HVT. Blow a cache up? Exfil back to base. Mission Outcome: Success Friendly Forces: 1 Squad (full strength led by sovietpolarbear), 1 Little Bird, and 1 Blackhawk; less than half the strength mission allows. Friendly Casulaties: 3-4 Time: 0500 hours Mission playtime: approx 30 min Plan: Albatross provided 3 different LZ's for Victor 1 but wanted to land as close to the objective as possible (if not right on it). Basic intent was to arrive before the Taliban had breakfast. Action: Victor 1 with LB on our six were ordered to fly right over the Objective but apparently we forgot that everyone was already up for morning prayer; Victor 1 received immediate rifle fire from the ground by multiple Taliban forces and several rounds managed to hit our engine. With engine failure alerts looping in our ears and butt-cheeks clenched, Kerry was able to limp her down safely about 200 m south of the objective. Soviet and the boys, along with CO, jumped out in a clear LZ and proceed by foot to the south entrance of the compound. With Victor 1 grounded, there was uncertainty on how the exfil would happen; Kerry and I were left alone with a shot up hawk. Little did we know that Kerry was a bird whisperer and spoke some soft, encouraging words as he spun her up once more: we were now airborne. To the CO's delight on hearing the news, we proceeded back to base to pick up the spare Blackhawk and then headed back to the AO with some payback. While Taliban forces enjoyed some swiss cheese served by the guns of Victor 1 and LB, the rest of the boys were securing the HVT. Kerry wanted to keep our last hawk' in good shape so we broke contact and set down 500 m south of the objective while waiting for the extraction order. LB cleaned up the rest of Opfor easily. Albatross wanted Victor 1 to land right in the AO for extraction but Kerry felt it was too risky and made the call not to land there. As we approached alternative LZ just off to the west outside the compound, a large detonation was made, and the HVT was secure - all friendly ground elements boarded Victor 1 (see screenshot). Victor 1 and LB flew back to base for mission success. Other: Credit to the LB as well for great flying and engaging - I couldn't remember who was in it, sorry Screenshot - credit to Salsa
  6. Hello Gents, It's great to see UO still running strong, with Arma 3 settled in. I'd like to return for some meesions with you all once again.
  7. lol that video took me back to my training days.
  8. Another UO circle jerk thread. Except there is no lube and no happy endings.
  9. I say, anyone willing to be an officer here deserves a chance because they're leaving faster than coming.
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