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  1. are you done being wrong yet User received a warning point for this post.
  2. is this guy an idiot or is english just not his first language or what is going on here User received a warning point for this post.
  3. Wasn't someone doing something like this a while ago but then it kind of just disappeared quietly?
  4. Clicked the thing, hit the buttons, posting the post.
  5. Wait, are you telling me people unironically dislike this?
  6. This has been done in a good number of missions even in A2; the implementation has just been a bit rough. It's appropriate and exciting for some missions (raids w/ transport) but for others it can be an unnecessary slog. Context is important. Falcon's Mercy Wing on Tropica is an example of a good mission where you had to RTB once your objectives were completed. It had a simple objective, rewarded speedy and deliberate execution, and left you feeling gratified at taking the time to coordinate the extraction. Mission makers need to keep that in mind when adding in different elements to their missions, especially when they add on to the time the players will spend with it.
  7. Like so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtDkyE4L30c
  8. Learn to full-down autorotate. Practice at less than a hundred meters with a full load of ammo/troops.
  9. Stalin Bus - too fun to survive in modern UO.
  10. This video is inaccurate; in an actual typical mech mission at UO, the infantry and the vehicles are nowhere near each other.
  11. this - inaccurate representation
  12. Agreed wholeheartedly. People still have no idea how to manage spacing without FTHud, though.
  13. Nice self-fulfilling prophecy, duder. Maybe you shouldn't be a kneejerk reactionary if you don't want people to call you a kneejerk reactionary.
  14. You could, but it was very quiet; you wouldn't hear the chain until the bike was within about 10 meters. I don't think it would matter terribly since the chances of you bicycling into someone that closely are pretty small.
  15. 4k, 120 hz, 20 inches, for only the most serious professional esporters
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