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  1. PolarBeast aside, there was a really nice shot around 28:45
  2. I'm terrible at the game. I would play with you, but I don't know if you would want me to.
  3. Throw me in there, Xceno! Have to look like a dick, though.
  4. 1'2 FT 2 Leader, was tasked with bounding across an open field while under fire. Got about 100m out, SL Foxxy was killed, most of the rest of my squad was killed, fell back to 1'6 with Century. Century was killed. Pushed with 1'6 and remaining 1st Platoon when the assault began, lost a few more good men. Made it to the compound, got on a building to engage enemies on some sand bag positions north of OBJ King 1. Building next to me had an IED and went off. I died. On the plus side, found Reddish with Kazu and helped Kazu patch him up, figure out a treatment plan, and eventually abandoned it because I ran out of medical supplies and Kazu gave up. Reddish survived, but he was still unconscious when we left him. I stopped his bleeding though. For the most part.
  5. I also preordered the game. If anyone is inclined to do so when the game is released, my Uplay name is T.Dackery.
  6. I have an extra key from when I preordered, will get you into the alpha as it stands right now, with full release as well. The person I preordered with found another key, since I was gone for a while. PM me or message me for it.
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