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  1. Soupy you're alive! Now we just fansa for premium tanku
  2. Cool stuff dude. Working on the CFA myself. Now just read Liars Poker and you'll have all you need.
  3. I will play. Lets try to get fansadox and/or soupy(if hes still alive)
  4. YESSS!! I'm in. Send me a message when you want to get something going
  5. Went there with some petroleum engineers from texas I met in split. Its low season so most of the bars were closed. But we stayed at this full villa for like 10$ a day! I was in Mostar for two days! It was awesome and so cheap its like only a few KM for anything. Overall everything is insanely cheap here because its cheap anyways and its low season here. I'm staying at this hostel on the main nightlife street for like 100 kuna a day (like 18$) and am living on around 30$ a day excluding travel (still cheap on buses) I rode on a bus two days ago from Split and we got rock pieces thrown at all the vehicles coming from split by 20 year oldish soccer hooligans. About 30-40 of them just standing besides the highway. Apparently the team from Zagreb is huge rivals with the team from Split. An amazing trip so far considering what I have done. I'm planning on going to Ljubljana in Slovenia next and then off to Innsbruck where I'm meeting up with a buddy from St. Gallen, Switzerland. Just going to drive around and do some crazy stuff. I've taken about 1700 pictures so far on my Nikon D7000 and I'm going to upload most of them to Flickr when I'm back in NYC. I'll keep you guys posted!
  6. I was in Dubrovnik two days ago and I am in Split today. Tomorrow I am going to Zagreb.
  7. Hi guys, As most of you know I have been in Barcelona since January and have not played arma in quite a while. I'm currently backpacking around Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland for the next month. I don't see myself playing arma in the future, but its has been great while I did. I may pop on TS every once in a while for a little banter See ya guys around Grizzly
  8. Tomorrow, I shall be returning for a week or so I'm hoping to get a few games in with you guys. I am then off to Spain from late December to early May. Maybe I'll get to see some of you guys when I'm travelling around!
  9. Spain is awesome. Going to study abroad there next semester in Barcelona
  10. Grizzly

    LOA - Mr2

    Come back sooner rather than later so we can beat the shit out of people with branches in warband
  11. Should have probably typed this up a few days ago but I have been slammed with work. I'm back at school and am interning at a firm on wall street. Pretty much no time left in the near future to play Arma. I will be back around thanksgiving/Christmas time. I know you will all miss me dearly until then. As always, I will be still checking the forums. Later guys!
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