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  1. Oh Christ, I decided to pop on here after many years. And it brings me happiness to see Zedic is still around. haha! Hello everyone.
  2. Absolutely. Probably will be off for a month because of the holidays but when i get back to the dorm, back to racing we go.
  3. Couple shots I took with the new Assetto Corsa 1.0 RC, beauty!
  4. Nice time man! Those tires wouldn't last 5 laps though
  5. Here was the race at Sonoma raceway (infineon). Great race, came second place with a pretty interesting battle for first.
  6. ^ Only free if you sign up for the first time though no?
  7. Here we go, first race at Sebring international in week 8 of the iRacing Global Challenge class
  8. ^ That's a great price. BUY IT!
  9. Finally out of Rookie, hopefully you enjoy it more now.
  10. Video from today's race at Mount Panorama in the iRacing Global Challenge
  11. Time Trials do increase SR, just not as much as races I think. As long as you keep them clean of course.
  12. Congrats, looking forward to seeing you in the Global Challenge. Feel free to add me on iRacing: Peter Maziarz
  13. Well I still have them, so if anything I'll upload them for us. The Mercedes F1 cars don't seem to be working, but the Ferrari one does. I have all the GP2 too. I'm pretty sure there's GP2 on racedepartment still.
  14. I've got them both. The GP2 cars feel really nice
  15. May I suggest we use this track? http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/benjamins-path-beta-v0-1-fictional-drift-hillclimb-track.12258/ Looks like it would be a nice track to get a bunch of us and drive around.
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