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  1. Weapon X Are you willing to be a CO: Yes Are you willing to squad lead: Yes Are you a regular or donor: Yes
  2. Have you tried the mod with our modpack? YES Were there any RPT errors produced? NO Is the mod still maintained by the developer? ? What is the mod's file size unpacked? 63MB What does the mod add that warrants it's addition to our mod pack? Gives UO a CAS platform that isn’t over powering. Equipped with 2 Laser Guided bombs, Rockets, and a 50 cal MG. I saw this on Armaholic and thought it would be a great alternative to the AH64 and A10 which can be a little over powering. The US is currently using this in Afghanistan. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26067
  3. Hey dick, send me your email adress

  4. Falcon, Your a Socialist Commi Liberal .. That has no clue .. But your my friend anyway, you have made UO a better place through your efforts .. I think we need to look at the totality of the contributions .
  5. Name: Weapon X Are you a Regular? Y Are you a GM? N Do you want to lead? Yes ... Any position of Grand Field Marshal and below Comments:Azzwort is hidous
  6. Name: Weapon x Are you a Regular? Y Do you want to be the Mission Commander? Y Do you want to lead a Platoon? Y Do you want to lead a Squad? Y Do you have any Role Desire (PSG, SL, FTL) Sure
  7. Name: Weapon X Preferred Slot: recon leader/recon member/Company CO/PTL/company intelligence officer/pilot Are you intrested in a leadership role: yes Will inform mission organizer of non attendence:yes
  8. Name: Weapon X Do you want to be the company commander of a multinational force? Y Do you want to lead a platoon? Y Do you want to lead a squad? Y Do you want to be a radio man? /N Special skills (General list of not-listed-here skills. and if you speak Russian, list it here.) ARMY Trainng Sir Some Tactical Competence ..when Im not drinking Helping Terrorist meet Allah Barely speak English
  9. Weapon X; Helping Muslim terrorist find Allah and collect their Virgins Since 2003
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