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  1. Maybe you shouldn't shout for seeder and then put up 8/8 missions ... :-)
  2. Bert

    LOA thread

    LOA from tomorrow till 27th of August, going to Vancouver/Canada for SIGGRAPH and then some vacation around there (first in 7 months), youppi.
  3. I'd like to attend as well. EDIT: I forgot, I did not attend the Navigation Course but I am able to use the map tools and some land marks to get the needed information.
  4. Name: Bert Special skills: Anything infantry (Grenadier, MG, AT, Medic) or arty/mortar Willing to lead? Yes, up to SL I will be able to make the event day and if not i will inform Fusionpoo or the Platoon Leader ASAP: Sure. Extra: If possible, I'd like to be on the mortar team (playing with range table, map tools and all) or possibly doing forward observing
  5. I think it's a bad idea to completely ban side chat. First of all, people abusing it can be kicked immediately and much easier so than people abusing TS as their name is spelled out in front of their bullshit. Secondly, I hardly see anything there, maybe sometimes at the start of a mission, extremely rarely something distracting. And then there are the times when TS is no option, for example for certain admin announcements (asking players if they are okay to call the mission) or similar stuff. Why take away a communication channel that can easily be monitored and regulated (i.e. kick in case of misuse), is not very intrusive and sometimes simply the best way to do stuff? If you really feel that sidechat is getting out of hand (a view I wouldn't share at all) then make the admin kick people for misuse.
  6. Yes, that's fine as well, if the time until they respond is subtracted from the ban time. If they have a 6hrs ban and they acknowledge the thread after 5hrs, then unban them 1hr later. Btw, by "acknowledge" I do NOT mean a post like "Fucking assholes, wtf did you ban me!? Fucking unban me!!!!!12". @Krause: ReaperTwo got it right, of course I did not mean to make the ban effective only once they responded to the thread. I meant that the only possibility to get it lifted *ever* was to at least acknowledge the ban by posting in the thread. If they never post, they will simply not get unbanned.
  7. Ahoy, I was wondering when the ban time actually starts to count down? I suppose it starts at the same time someone gets banned. So, just to take a recent example: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/8054-ban-josh-parkes/ I think that it's possible that Josh Parkes may never have even seen this thread. He might have gotten kicked and banned from the server, tried to come back, saw he couldn't, said "fuck it", went to bed and came back the next evening being able to connect again as if nothng had happened. He may not even know why he has been banned which completely runs contrary to the intention of the ban, at least in my understanding of a ban: not only to stop the disruptive behavior as it occurs but also to make the banned person think about and change his/her behavior in the future. My proposition would be to start the ban time as soon as the banned person has acknowledged the ban thread, not earlier. This would force offenders to actually take position in regards to what they did. And not to lift the ban without the offender having posted some statement in the ban thread. Of course only for bans that are actually recorded in a ban thread, so this would not be valid for 15 minute bans. Any thoughts?
  8. I agree it would be good to have screenshots of the important pictures (alignment on the aiming posts, compensated sight picture etc. with annotations). I could do them, but I may not get everything right. Overall, I liked the course, very informative. I would have liked in the beginning to be shown the big picture, though. The whole time I was expecting we would at some point come to the targeting computer, but the course was only for the gunner/loader and assumed we have someone giving us all the targeting information. It would have been good to give an overview of all the parts necessary for artillery in Arma and then tell us which part exactly this course will handle. Thanks to the instructors and I am looking forward to the FCS/FO course.
  9. That's actually possible that this might create many Arma2 Vanilla servers. I won't be playing there though, as I like ACRE & ACE too much.
  10. It's a great way to try Arma out for new users and pull them in. But since Arma lives mostly of the user-made content, people will eventually wanna have the full version (which is of course also what BIS wants). One problem is see: people with this version will have a hard time to find a decent MP server, as most use ACE or other mods. But the MP is where Arma is really strong. But using it as a sandbox to play around with, is already lots of fun.
  11. Sure thing, that was funny yesterday with the BRDMs and tanks. One messed up mission. ;-)
  12. I've seen it up to the latest episode and it can be quite funny, especially the kids are hilarious (my favourite is the little sister). I'd say you know if it's any good for you after having watched a few episodes.
  13. Is there a video which shows off the mod bit?
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