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  1. Oh wait.... I see what you were saying. You changed the connection timeout on your repository. I don't think this is the problem. I have this same problem on other mods as well and now even on servers that run nothing but BI stuff (no mods). It's something to do with the new APEX DLC as I had everything working perfectly before the APEX DLC.
  2. I have this same problem. Frostie if you could post on here how you did that, (I assume it's a startup parameter command) then that would be great for those of us who don't know allt he startup parameter commands.
  3. Form filled. BTW...is there any way to install this mod pack using ArmA3Sync instead? I tried putting in the repository link into ArmA3Sync but it didn't work. Will it only work with PlayWithSix???
  4. I was there also for that mission. I felt very sorry for Cobra as he had to deal with some extreme derpers including the 1-1 squad lead (Salsa- a player who I've seen derping and being disruptive every time I play with him on a mission) who should NOT have taken that position. I did not at any time hear any racist comments or anything inappropriate behavior by Cobra other than the usual frustration that ANYONE would have had trying to stop people from derping around. At one point an admin (I forget who it was) did come and help and threatened to ban people. But Cobra was the last person who should have gotten banned. All this does is basically make people like myself NEVER want to take a CO position as I would have reacted the same way as Cobra (yelling at people). It's bullshit when "favorite" regulars can get away with doing that, but someone like Cobra (who was trying very hard) get banned for yelling at players who are ignoring him. As Cobra said, once Soviet and Briland took charge of their units, things got back under control and progressed smoothly. But honestly those "violations" he is accused of are waaaaaaaay overblown and a 1 month ban is just absurd. As 1-2 lead although I had nothing to do with the derping, I was still in a leadership position and was struggling to remember artillery radio protocol, so I sucked badly in that position. As such, by the same standards of sucking at leading, I should also be banned as well (if we're going to make up rule violations as whoever filed the complaint did). Miles Teg<GD>
  5. WOW! Seriously???? Whoever twittered that should be fired. Seriously. By the way... I've offered the developer of that mod to take over it as part of the Lost Brothers mod. My mod's already done Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists in the past so hey what's one more to throw in the fun-bag of bad guys right? Our trump card is that we got the IDF addons which is ironically where I get the most threats and harassment in emails and youtube posts from. Hopefully Merv gives us permission and sends us the files. The article BTW is the biggest crock of shit I've ever seen. None of their sources are accurate and I'm fairly certain that their Egyptian source was just some Arab dude who they showed their edited out of context video to. If I was Merv, I'd be calling lawyers in the UK and France to look into doing a slander suit, using the State Department's tweet as evidence. Chris G. aka-Miles Teg<GD>
  6. .Nevermind....I re-read the original ban. I could have sworn it had said one week before... and I had been unbanned as I've been on TS3 for several days up until last night when I was suddenly kicked off the server in the middle of a conversation.
  7. What the??? I was banned for a week and have been playing on here for the past few days as the ban had ended. So what was I re-banned for??? I'm confused.
  8. Why was I randomly banned in a conversation without any warning???
  9. Just to clarify I wasn't told NOT to do it. The CO just said that he did not give me any orders to go South and thus was not responsible if I got banned. But nah it's all good. It was the last time Syrian Checkpoint was to be played....so I had to behave badly. Also for the record, I didn't even shoot to kill anyone...just shot around their feet. lol! I could have wiped out all of them on the South Side of the checkpoint quite easily. Anyways...good times everyone. Enjoyed the ArmA2 send-off which wouldn't have been a proper one unless I got a ban.
  10. I'm not on the list even though I was part of Boon's Omega group and helped Barnes with early UO tactical training). Aside from being one of the founding members, I'm also one of the most senior members in the OFP/ArmA community as a whole going back to 2001 (look me up on the BI forums to verify that) that has stuck with the game and who's mod team is the oldest surviving mod from the original OFP days.
  11. Again....who gives a shit unless you live there. For Americans. this should NOT be any more important than the weekly killings of dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of black Africans in the DRC. The fact of the matter is that WE DON"T CARE unless the people in question are white. It's a bitter pill to swallow but it is very very true. Chris G. aka-Miles Teg<GD>
  12. Sorry. Putin is a saint. How dare I question him. May the Russian Orthodox Church should make a special icon for Putin so that we may pray to him for forgiveness. I'm sure if Putin and his corporate apostles donate enough money, it will be so. Putin'u Akbar!!!
  13. Kevin, please specify where I was obnoxious during mission slotting. I never said ANYTHING during mission slotting. That is an outright lie. If UO wants to ban people for 6 months over those who are abusive of the ban system so be it. I've only asked for TEMP bans for perhaps TWO or THREE people since the very beginning of UO and have NEVER abused this system against people I don't get along with in the manner that Kevin has repeatedly done. Kevin is doing this shit because he understands the escalation system which is automatic. As such he holds it over me every time I disagree wit h him about something. I also request that admins officially pull the logs to document where I was being abusive during the briefing that he mentioned. If I was out of line I'll be happy to resign and leave the community. However if Keven is lying, I request that he his banned for 6 months.
  14. WTF???/ I was sitting in a briefing patiently waiting for the CO without saying a damn thing when suddently I get banned over a previous mission where I told Kevin that he was being disruptive. Azzwort you were not there...chainsaw, I did not eve notice you in there, but I only heard Kevin harassing me. No I was not drunk.. I'm sitting here perfectly sober....the mission in question was one where we took far and I drove 360....lost comms....then went into the city to flank the villa hill before the mission ended. I and my gunner did nothing wrong. But whatever..... this ban, as Kevin knows is automatically escalated to a 6 month ban....so basically perma-ban. Thanks Kevin, chainsaw, and Azzwort. GG. .
  15. WTF??? How old are you? First off, Korea is a vastly different situation. We fought an incredibly bloody and brutal war there in the '50's and ever since then have had troops in South Korea so as to keep South Korea free. We have NEVER had any troops in the Ukraine or any defense agreements with them. We also have no economic necessity to intervene. It also can NOT be compared to America invading Mexico given that the Crimea was A PART OF RUSSIA HISTORICALLY and was only put under Ukrainian jurisdiction for administrative reasons. Obama's current pathetic threats are part of a stupid political game and it is pure idiocy. If Obama were to send troops to the region, even though I'm a left-wing liberal, I'd join with the Tea Party in a heart-beat to demand Obama's impeachment as such an act would re-ignite the Cold War and put the world once again under the treat of nuclear war and global extinction of the human race. So again... do you really think trying to prove who has the bigger cock is worth the threat of nuclear war? America needs to STOP trying to be the world policeman and fix our own screwed up country instead of constantly meddling in the affairs of other nations. In a nutshell, it's NONE OF OUR GODDAMNED BUSINESS and we need to stay the hell out of affairs that don't concern us.
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