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  1. Hey guys, I tend to lurk on forums once in a while because I miss you all. I think lack of activity on UO servers has to do with us growing up and having other commitments. I wouldn't really expect anymore new "meeshuns". That being said, we could pick a date to meet on Teamspeak / Discord to just talk the old times, catch up and find out what games is everyone playing now.
  2. It was great seeing everyone last night. Looking forward for more. Krause <3
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I am hoping to play this weekend. Modpack has been downloaded and I should be all set to join the server.
  4. Hey guys, It has been a while but I am alive. I am returning more as a casual and not a Regular or meeshun-maker anymore due to not having enough time. I had best online gaming experiences years ago with UO and noticed that few of original old faces are still around. Impulse, I promise not to try make another Fallout mission or maybe I will? I'm currently downloading the modpack and hoping to eventually see you all in-game.
  5. Yesterday, there was player spawning RPG's around the map. I am assuming there is no way to deal with this now, unless we have their name? You would think the game developers would at least add some anti-cheat measures.
  6. I just picked up the standard Elite Dangerous during Steam sale. I have been playing with fusioon, while he was teaching me about the game. Who else is playing it? Is there a UO group?
  7. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/mikeeee89
  8. I used to play Civ5 with Century and Centron. Everything worked fine without a problem. You use steam to join the game. I am definitely interested.
  9. People are already talking about making Star Wars mods and such, for Remastered Collection. I am sure, someone will create a mod for fuel as well.
  10. That is nice shot. Yes, Mazdaspeed6 was unfortunately only made for two years - 2006, 2007.
  11. Polish government does not like to give this information to public. The only ORBAT partially available is the one from 1939-1989, which is obsolete.
  12. Developers will bring Multiplayer in future update. Game is now on sale, for people who already own Space Engineers. This looks much more fun. I may purchase it, once Multiplayer mode is released.
  13. I think we should try something new, which is why I am for summer Chernarus. Trees is the only difference. We can always go back to normal Chernarus, if people don't like it.
  14. XxSheepDoggxX, really nice pictures. I am a car enthusiast. I am also part of Mazdspeed group. http://www.mazdaspeedforums.org I have 2011 Mazdaspeed3, which is a turbocharged, manual 6 gears Mazda3 and a direct competition to Subaru Wrx and Sti. Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6 (AWD turbocharged Mazda6) is not well known, due to Mazda lack of marketing of these two awesome models. I call it 2.3 liter, V8 eater. It's just unbelievable how maxed out (tune wise) this car comes out from factory. So far, I am about to put in JBR Short Ram Intake and TIP. Planning to do fuel internals, full exhaust with downpipe in future. edit: I believe that in Europe and Japan, this car is called Mazda MPS.
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