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  1. Would it be just prevent us playing missions using this map after updates, or would it cause a wider server downtime issue? I don't think the former is much of an issue, if we like the map.
  2. I’d be keen to join when work allows.
  3. American date format - the month is the first number.
  4. I am abstaining at the moment as I don't have much time to play at the moment and haven't seen all that much of Wolfie on the server. There seem to be a lot of +ves coming from other regs about recent behaviour which very much clashes with my memories of "Old Wolfie". Unless I hear something from the current dissenters I suspect I may fall down on the side of 'yes'.
  5. I have been following this - seems like a WW2 PR clone. Not necessarily a bad thing. Considering shelling out - the OMG setting appeals too.
  6. Voting no based on the discord discussion of it being broken.
  7. Yep - good to see some incremental improvements in the office/building on others previous work, rather than trying to start from scratch.
  8. I am in the same boat Jimbo (and also love the WWII stuff) - often have weekend plans a couple of weeks in advance. I suppose if a 'target date' was put up earlier, people would complain if it moved etc, so I can see why 2 weeks was settled on.
  9. Yes (unless from Devon, in which case, 4.1.2).
  10. I have been considering the same for a while and wondered whether the solution is having regular micro-events, rather than a "serious day", with all the negative implication this has for quality on other days. And by this, I mean one or two pre-selected missions (perhaps from a list so that there is flexibility in size) that are known to exist and work, played on a set time on a set day. No real planning involved from an event perspective beyond selecting the missions a week in advance and making a announcement and perhaps an "expression of interest poll". No need for complicated sign-up / slotting arrangements, selection of leaders, pre-session briefing etc just a fixed thing that people can rally around and foster a 'serious' but supportive atmosphere. This could even work as the start of a weekend play session to set the tone for the rest of the night. Obviously players on the server can then go on to play other missions outside of the ones selected for the 'micro-event', but hopefully with a better base attitude from those on the server.
  11. The route thing came about because the CO assume that we could use the land rovers mentioned in the briefing, whereas they were locked. We walked to the "dismount" point instead and then assaulted from there.
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