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  1. Ah yes, its time for the biannual Star Citizen update. As someone who follows this games development quite closely and enjoys watching paint dry in my spare time i will summarise its current state: Pro- More to do and you can be a woman (at last) Con- still not done yet Result: Come back at the end of the year when the blessed Carrack is finished and in the live build/next year, there might be a beta!
  2. When not expressing opinions in the Gulag he is an effective and capable player on the server. Argumentative... yes although what is said in the Barracks is for the Barracks. Vote yes
  3. yeh, it appers that i was a little premature. They did the release in waves, only some of each in the first wave for a stress test. NOW its open. 35gb so i suppose thats a full 10gb more on the 2.6.3 patch no missions givers like Miles but thats for testing later. now testing is focusing on travel and the star app thing https://www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/7f3qs5/welcome_subs_and_concierge_to_the_ptu/
  4. Guess what Star Bois www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/7ex16g/expanding_star_citizen_alpha_30_ptu_testing Only one year later than planned but hey, can rush the robots Anyway I'm about to go to work but this evening if so Bois want to (assuming you have first wave access like me) team up any have a play then yes I will want to team up to play
  5. Shocking that no Overwatch UO updates since may. i play the overwatch as Century#21122. Play the Overwatch especially as Genji is dead and D.VA gremlin is live
  6. Very pleasantly surprised, I haven't been so interested in a upcoming Battlefield game since Bad Company (TBH a WW1 Bad Company like single player would be fucking awesome) Think of all the DLC/ expansions they could do in an interwar setting: the Russian revolution, the Italian invasion of north Africa, the Spanish Civil War...
  7. As another person who just backed SC and didn't do this asset reselling/ trading/ grey market BS I could not care less BUT I do like how internet space ships can basically be like money laundering.
  8. I would have supported the poll had it been greater then one sentence, had it explained that professionalism implies a level of performance that one is able to purse from a paid career, not from the internet role playing community we are. That "Competence" would expect a familiarity with our SOP's and the ability to follow them with out complication. However one sentence does not justify a change in this community's charter so i cannot support it.
  9. My Steam Profile (from SteamDB) Worth: £3226 (£973 with sales) Games owned: 280 Games not played: 122 (44%) Hours on record: 4,785.1h Sins of a Solar Empire: 466 Hours Arma 3: 105 Hours TBH Sins is a really good game.
  10. Basically this up to the drinking part. I had been fairly active with TG's arma up to the point of becoming platoon leader for the Irregulars after SOCOM Seal asked me to (I think Fusionpoo was my XO). Joined the T'S and bloody thing was dead. Pm'ed Headshot on steam to ask what was up and he told me about the new place. So I jumped ship and i'm still here as one of UO's least active arma players/ regulars (if you joined right after the split you automatically got in as a regular.). Fun pice of trivia: my avatar was the TG Irrg emblem at the time. RIP thoes crap In House Squads at TG Started with TG when I was still at uni in 2007 some time so that's what?, three and a bit years with TG and then five with UO... holy shit
  11. Could do another game tonight. The Gulag (not the waiting room) normally can muster 4-7 for a game in between EU4 (a game I will learn to play, just not yet.)
  12. Going to try to get ppl together for a game later tonight at around 19:00 GMT. RIP Yougoslav's Internet, lead to about 5 of us abandoning a game on Wednesday night. We should be trying out the Star Wars: Interregnum mod (http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-interregnum) but a few of us sometimes play the Star Trek Armada 3: Call to Arms mod too (http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-trek-armada-3.)
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