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  1. Are you using HDMI, DVI, or VGA connection? I'm just rambling here, but my old screen is VGA-connected and I have absolutely no additional settings at all, and TuffShitSki uses HDMI. Oh, and hello everyone! First post in aaaaaages.
  2. Shouldn't a weapon that can be controlled by the kid be used though? Hell, the kid would be better off firing a M60 on a bipod than trying to control a mini-UZI.
  3. Which is why "exporting democracy" doesn't work. It destabilizes the region, weakens the central power, and the countries don't even have the basic infrastructure or mentality to get democracy to work anyway.
  4. And the whole world cup in football being in Brazil is because the German car industry want people to see all the Volkswagens and go on a car shopping spree! Expecting any help to the forcibly moved Brazilian populace is so dumb because what does Volkswagen and Audi care about Brazilian citizens?! It's up to Renault and Fiat to save the situation. Am I doing it right?
  5. I can really recommend testing the Silven Total Improvement Mod. I used STIM before, but then the dev took a long break and it was uncertain if it would be back. As of May it has been updated again, and it has provided the best realism-experience by far of the mods I've tested. #2 on the list would be the Two Turns Per Year Hardcore Mod, as far as I'm concerned. I guess my biggest gripe with Radious' is the retarded casualty levels. Only elite/suicide units should fight to those insane casualty levels. Rate of loss and/or exhaustion ought to rout troops in itself much sooner. Even units with 70% troops left should run away fast as hell if those 30% losses were had any fast at all.
  6. http://warthunder.com/en/news/635-Upcoming-changes-to-Simulator-battles-en Wow, thank you Gaijin. With that change they are effectively shutting down SB for planes. Maybe it'd work if they did it in a year when ground forces and potentially mixed battles actually work, but now?!
  7. Quite a colourful quote from the SB forum that made my day: And to be fair not even arcade is good for tanks. It is so bloody unfinished it just can't be, and RB is a terrible in-between with the current configuration. Fly planes or stay away, people. Give them half a year and it might be fixed to a functional state. For a company with a slug (snail kind) as logotype they take a strange pride in living up to what it depicts, and from yesterday's Q&A with the devs (transcript will come during weekend) they seem to more or less be completely clueless and/or dismissive of all *real* concerns their playerbase has, and only interested in actual game-breaking bugs or questions about their future plans.
  8. Maps are incredibly tiny and poorly designed. The only map worth playing (Kursk) is nearly impossible to get. The ballistics and penetration of the guns is not adapted to the tiny map sizes, meaning everything always penetrates everything, with engagement distances almost exclusively being at just a few hundred meters, which practically is a knife-fight for tanks. Damage modelling isn't nearly complete. For example HEAT is hopeless since it seems like there is no spalling damage implemented in the game. Artillery is more like an area of effect spell in World of Warcraft than it is actual artillery, and it is terribly abused in SB since it gives a higher-up 3rd person view that lets you look over things you shouldn't be able to see over. All in all, the entire spotting system feels broken for every single mode, allowing to see tanks with pinpoint accuracy straight through vegetation in AB and RB for easy killing (thankfully not through solid terrain), and even SB is ruined because of the minimap-spotting. And no, the tanks is not in beta whatever the devs like to call it. A beta should be feature-complete with no further change to the features, and all that remains is to finish game assets. Can't be said for any part of the game, really, but Ground Forces is far more alpha than the planes are. I agree that the vehicle physics are nice (even though they move like on wet concrete) with nicely modeled suspension and stuff, damage models seem good overall (aside from missing spalling), as do ballistics and penetration, but with all maps being knife-fights it's even worse than World of Tanks' over-gunning of every single tank in the game. Ground Forces has incredible potential, but with Gaijin's terrible management (seriously, where did they find their managers?) it'll take quite a while to fix it into something that can be called good. I hope they do it though.
  9. I actually recommend to stay away from ground forces. It is so terribly unfinished it barely qualifies as alpha. Absolutely no idea why Gaijin would release it this soon. Then again their management is probably one of the worst in all company history. Right now World of Tanks is better.
  10. Dang. I love this stuff. Excellent excellence!
  11. Every night is mission night! Aside from that: welcome aboard.
  12. Although I agree that the actual planning-phase can be used for exercises and stuff, it can still be beneficial on the briefing screen if people aren't AFK. There's a whole group channel to write in instead of spamming retarded crap in side chat, group channel map markers to be uesd, and people can immediately start setting up buddy teams, talk about squad formations and spacings, ammo/weapon distribution (often known by assigned gear at briefing screen), succession of command, marching order, etc. By communicating that stuff the whole squad can be ready to march within 2 minutes of mission start.
  13. I see both O'Neill and Nathan wanting a method of briefing that removes a broader situational awareness from the grunts in a timely manner, why is that? If the CO first has to inform the platoon and squad leaders of a pre-planned task, and then them in turn doing the same to the squad, it'll both take more time, and it will reduce the quality of the information reaching the grunts, while the grunts dick around and have no idea what they are doing, what they are going to do, or who stole their candy bar. As Impulse said a WARNO-style briefing (say for example after Leader's/Pathfinder's/Sniper's Recce) can warrant in-game briefings since you need additional information to form a detailed plan, and in those cases you are often in the field and can't afford the grunts leaving their positions. In those cases it's okay to have two separate briefings for leaders and for grunts, but to keep a briefing form that lowers the expectations of grunts to let them dick around instead of learning information they should know? Nooooo.... EDIT: If people don't have the attention span to listen to a platoon/company level briefing there are other communities to play with.
  14. Unnecessarily complicated and lets a lot of stuff "get lost in translation". The company briefing should if possible include the SLs as well, and the platoon briefing should include the whole platoon down to the last rifleman. That way everyone in the platoon is aware of the whole platoon's tasks, giving better awareness of where friendly elements will be and what they will do. After that each squad can do individual instructions, but then all squad members already have a context of their taskings, just like the SLs will get a context from the company briefing.
  15. Also, there are quite a few people to teach the specialized skills at a personal level. It is better if there is a UOTC standard to go by - that is true. But studying what material does exist and practicing that with someone with experience works for most things. No one will know how to do a job after just some course. One still need lots and lots of practice. Repeated practice. Courses are there to get people on the same track. They can't deliver the skill on their own. However what is most urgently needed is baseline courses, so that people actually can function well in a squad. The squad members need to be able to trust that people know their basic jobs. If that can't be taught to the majority of the playerbase, then one can question the priority of more specialized classes. EDIT: And hell, re-take courses, people! Especially the practical classes are good to re-take, as are those for skills you don't regularly use. All skills need to be maintained, and to get to try them in an organized training-environment can be very rewarding.
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