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  1. I thought you got or built a new computer
  2. Looking forward to this one for Combined Arms
  3. count me in as a ground commander next time. Love to work with combined arms.
  4. guys I had a great time today. As ground commander I was able to vector in friendly aircraft towards targets of opportunity and call in CAP as needed. The ground battle went really well with no warping at all (maybe its my machine). I was able to create some tactics against enemy forces. I was also able to spot aircraft readily with this graphics engine which was nice. In the future would like to get more ground commanders in on each side if possible to develop tactics further. I did enjoy laying down a barrage on a choke point outside one of the town with my 2s19's from 11 KM out. Worked like a charm and took out a couple of soft targets. A couple of observations. 1. There were lot of ground units that were in the game that were just driving to the front. Suggest putting in theses units and activate them as needed closer to the front. Dont need to waste CPU cycles traveling across the map. 2. Glad there were no cluster bombs. 3. Was surprised how easy and fast the KA-50 was picked up by enemy A-10's. I thought if you stayed low and moved from point to point they would be more effective but it rarely go close enough to the front to make a difference. New tactics needed. Anyways my two cents. Love the mission and will be back again. Thanks all.
  5. From an outsider who just read this thread, to me it appears that Nou isnt the problem, its the tag system that is the problem. There is no agreement to whether it should exist. Why dont you turn your energies to this issue instead? Just my perspective.
  6. You need to install Version 1.2 of DCS world (free) first. Then you can install CA. If you have A-10 and BS you need to install World before you install the aircraft. All versions are 1.2
  7. Well a quick update on CA Conducted a 2+hour operation yesterday with 15 other players in an engagement called Intersection. Object for the Redfor was to stop Blufor from crossing a bridge thus allowing to penetrate Russian defenses. There were 2 Russian ground commanders against 1 Blufor ground commander and what seemed like the entire US Airforce including A-10's, Ka-50's and SU -25. Our SAM and AAA net was able to hold off the air assault for about an hour shooting down numerous KA's who hadnt realized how tough it is to get kills when live people are manning the guns. The A-10 still proved to be a formidable opponent with its standoff capability. A few disparities have emerged in the game including how powerful the T-80 actually is vs the Abrams. In particular the tube launched ATGM wiith an effective range of 5km outranges the Abrams considerably. With regards to SAM systems, the TOR proves to be quite effective as its fire and forget tough you still need a visual lock on target to engage. The Tanguska is more difficult in that you have to track the missile all the way to the target. Very effective against Helos not so much with fast moving jets.. The 30mm guns on the Tang are extremely effective when targets are in parameters. All I can say is this game is epic and is going to get better as new mods are introduced. When FC3 is merged (with its lame flight models and systems) this game will be extremely fun.
  8. So far Combined Arms is working fairly decently. Networking is a little dodgy as this is still a work in process. Have had 15 players in game with JTAC, A-10 and company level ground commanders moving troops around. AWESOME!!!!
  9. Beta is out http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?scr=product&ProductId=22&end_pos=136&lang=en
  10. Force I read your post and would like to respond on some things. First of all I understand where your coming from from a mission perspective. Making mIssions in DCS can be tedious because in most cases you have to define the finest point of the mission and include all the ground elements in your design. BMS takes care of most of that with the engine. But from a strategic standpoint there is plenty of opportunity. For instance 1. In BMS you are playing in a pre-populated world where the only things that really change are the movement of ground forces. Strategic control centers are fixed and dont move. The border and its SAM systems are all fixed and are there in every game etc. etc. This could be simulated in DCS if someone decided to create a master template mission and populated the Georgian theater. For instance Im working on such a template in that respect right now. Pre-populated border check points, missile emplacements static ground units can all be laid down and reused over and over again just as it is in BMS (Korea for instance) 2. BMS presents (in Korea) a vast area much bigger than how most mission makers utilize DCS. If you use your imagination, and you extend into the Black Sea and Russia you could also simulate strategic missions in a much tougher environments that can be done in BMS. Including advanced surface to air threats. 3. Combined Arms is going to offer an element that cant be found in BMS and that is the "Smart" ground unit. Once humans start getting involved in the movement of ground forces the strategic element will be huge. At this time Im attempting to prep a mission to simulate the Russo-Georgian war in 2008 which include relatively accurate Table of Organization for both Russian and Georgian ground forces. Can you do this in BMS? Dont know. When DCS CA comes out it will be ready for a team to command the elements of Russian Marines and the 20th Motorised Rifle Division that fought in Abkhazia, There are no waypoints in the mission for any unit. It will be up to the commanders to figure that out on the fly. The scenarios are now limitless with human controlled ground forces and the Air Force now takes on its true role of supporting the ground objectives. In BMS you bomb targets in hope that the AI is smart enough to react to the situation you create. 4. When I have played BMS most of the time is in TE missions vs playing in the campaign. Even when playing the campaign most of the time spent in a 4 hour period was playing maybe 2 to three missions. In this short time the campaign engine rarely had enough time to make a difference in winning the "War". So you end up playing a series of short engagements that is no different than what you do in DCS. 5. DCS has a mission generator that has the same impact as TE missions with more un-predictability. It relieves the issue of having to populate ground targets as well as plan your mission. Anyways these are some of my thoughts. Both games have their strengths and weaknesses. No doubt no one in the near future will be able to rival Falcons campaign engine. It took them years to develop that (I know I was there) so its doubtful that anyone has the resources to spend on something like this based on the limited size of the flight sim community. I do agree with you in that DCS has lost some focus (in particular why a P-51. Cool aircraft but wrong environment). But I think their intentions are good and will serve a broader theater as these elements come into play. And again the big question mark with DCS is can they create the electronic Environment (radar, RWR, etc) that BMS has done. Not sure how that will play out and hope that we dont end up with a series of FSX aircraft embedded into the DCS environment. The radars in BMS are derived from years of refinement and dedication. But with that said personally I cant wait to do Carrier Ops in the Black Sea to take out S-300 sites deep inside Russia with 8 other people all flying off the Carrier.
  11. should be able to make this one finally. Would love to fly a KA or SU if possible.
  12. There are some interesting features in this as well as you can fly other aircraft currently in the DCS series. The other day I flew the standard Su-25 which must have a dumb done flight model as it handled quite well and was more maneauverable than the T model. Ive heard you can fly the F-16 though it does not have the correct cockpit.
  13. Files to allow you to fly A-10 and BS2 in the DCS world are up at DCS. Now we should be able to fly the Su-25T with the BS and A-10. Check it out. Cant get a link because Im at work. Sorry.
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