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  1. The question is not whether we exist but rather 'why' do we exist.... However, bk_seal has slipped into a deep BF3 addiction and I'm concerned for his well-being. All attempts at intervention have been unsuccessful at this point. I think my existance has moved from the material realm into a more transcendant realm. But I still like to blow shit up using computer simulation...
  2. Yikes... Pete might want to think about a restraining order.
  3. Hey Hawkeye, I installed up the MFDExtractor program and was able to add a number of things including RPM, Nozzle and Fuel Qty gauges and Speedbrake and Trim indicators to my second monitor with the MFD's. I use BMS display extractor to extract the MFD's and DED and I use MFDE to extract the RWR and the above mentioned gauges. Follow the link to Viperpits.org for downloads. (http://www.viperpits.org/smf/index.php?topic=3376.0) You need to register though.
  4. I used to play Aces High A LOT (haven't played V2 though)! As RocketO mentioned, IL-2 is probably the best WW2 aircraft sim out there. However, Aces High is different in that it is an MMPO persistent world game (think WoW) compared to IL-2 which requires user hosted servers. So at various times, there used to be hundreds of players online in Aces High. If you are interested, I would suggest downloading the game and practising a bit offline. After you're ready, they have a two week free trial (used to be 30 days) and you can decide from there. I would also srongly suggest you find a squadron to join if you decide to enroll. Let us know how it goes.
  5. HackSAW, I agree with VKing.... the problem is that using the Shift key as a functional keypress will cause a problem since keys such as Control, Alt and Shift are used as modifiers for other key presses. They Keyfile I use (a modified version of Dunc_DX.key) doesn't use the shift key as a fucntional key but only as a modifier. You can do a couple of things to fix the problem. 1.) Just rem them out using the "#" character as you have done 2.) Assign them to a dummey key like this... SimStepHSIMode 1006 0 0XFFFFFFFF 0 0 0 1 "HSI-Toggle Mode Knob" 3.) Assign them to a different key stroke. Use the Keyfile-generator.xls file in the Falcon BMS Manuals directory to find a key code. Make sure no other keys are using the same keystroke.
  6. It's obvious to me... This element is the chemical basis of all known life
  7. I have to post or he will be disappointed... But the UO's own Gunterlund (aka Stain) is in the audience of this video. In fact he even gets to ask a question. I'm also there but all you see is the back of my head as I'm on the "other side" of the set. Gunter and I were involved in the production of this project. All the Falcon 3.0 footage you see in the video was created by us and our LAN group squadron (the 510th). This was an interesting experience and catch us online if you want to hear our boring stories of the making of this video and Pete Bonanni.
  8. Great!! Making them DX keys will help a lot as the BMS developers add additional functionality to the HOTAS. As Hawkeye said, make sure you look at the manual to learn all the functionality of the DMS, TMS, CMS, etc. Also, there are some functions that aren't listed there like HOLD DMS down turns the HMCS on and off assuming you've first turned up the brightness.
  9. I've been doing some testing on the bandwidth requirements of multiplayer so I'll make some recommendations. The game sends a large amount of data continuously from the HOST to each CLIENT when flying in a Campaign and a little less when in a TE. Without bandwidth caps in place, I’m seeing between 500-750 Kbps in the Campaign. When the CLIENT puts a setting such as 300 in the bandwidth box; it locks the speed for the CLIENT to 300 (duh!). However, since it appears the game would send more data if allowed, I’m not sure what happens to the other data. Is it delayed, discarded or both? However, the game does prioritize the data sent so presumably the data being discarded is of lower priority (e.g. does not updating the HSD with flight positions sound familiar?) So I would recommend the following: 1. The person with the fastest UPLOAD speed should HOST. 2. Depending on the HOST’S upload speed, the CLIENTS should all set their bandwidth settings appropriately. For example, if the HOST has a 14 MB upload speed he should set the bandwidth to 12,000 (~ 10-20% for overhead). If there are going to be 12 CLIENTS (excluding the HOST) then each CLIENT should set their bandwidth to 1000 (12,000/12 = 1000). This assumes of course that each CLIENT has a 1.2 MB or greater download speed. Since 1000 is well above the observed max data rate for the game you should have no data loss or problems. 3. If the HOST only has a 5 MB upload speed he should set the bandwidth to 4000 and you should adjust the CLIENT bandwidth as appropriate to accommodate the number of CLIENTS. So if you have 12 CLIENTS (excluding the HOST), each should set their bandwidth to 333 (4000/12=333). Now although the BMS boards say this is sufficient bandwidth, my testing says the HOST would send more data so I think you can expect some anomalies in the game. However, I have not done any testing with a large number of clients and lower bandwidth settings to determine exactly what happens so YMMV. 4. All CLIENTS should enter the same calculated bandwidth setting. I know there are some posts on the BMS boards that say that the CLIENT can enter whatever speed is supported by their internet connection and others recommend the same setting for all. But I think it makes sense in a situation where the HOST is bandwidth limited for the number of CLIENTS trying to fly. If one person has a higher setting than the others the game will send that CLIENT more data and thus further reducing the amount of data sent to the other CLIENTS. I have observed this in my testing. Good luck on Saturday.
  10. What Hawkeye is describing is how you set up the .key file to assign keystrokes and add new functions (which of course can then be used by your joystick to send commands) but it is not how you set up DirectX buttons for your joystick. The simplest way to do this is to do it in the Controllers setup screen. However, you must first make sure that for each button; your stick is not sending a keystroke but is sending a button push. Every stick is a little different but hopefully, you will be able to figure that out. Usually it means just loading a default profile or it’s sometimes called running it in Windows native mode or non-emulated mode. Now go into the game and first load the BMS.key file. Then going down the list find a function that you want to assign to a button. In particular, you want to assign the functions that begin with “HOTAS-“ (especially, the TMS, DMS and CMS functions). All you do is click in the left column so the text turns blue and then move or press the corresponding button on your stick or throttle. Now you will notice that between the Advanced and Cancel buttons on the right hand side below the key assignment list is a space. If you press a button on your joystick it will tell you which Button Number the game sees it as and it’s function. It will say something like INPUT Button 2 or INPUT POV 1: Up. Below that it will now tell you which function you just programmed for the button such as HOTAS-DMS Left. Remember, we are just assigning the button presses this way not the axis assignments which are done on the Advanced page. This is the easy way to do this. You can also do all of this by editing the .key file directly with a text editor such as Notepad++. If you do it that way, you also have the ability to add what’s called a Shifted layer. A Shifted layer is when you hold one button as a “shift” function and that allows you to assign a second function to each button. A description of all of that and more about how to edit key files directly to add DirectX buttons is found here: (http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/content.php?153-DirectX-Shifting-Facility)
  11. I agree with Merlo that I think we would be better off flying in Korea for a bit until the Balkans gets a little better shakedown (unless we WANT to be on the bleeding edge )
  12. I don't have the screen real estate for those and figured they weren't worth the FPS hit. However, I do envision a day when I need the HUD extration to run my true HUD ( and and http://www.avionicslcd.com/HUD/Heads_up_display_HUD_simulation.htm) in my projector screened cockpit ( )!
  13. I think this is one of the primary reasons we had all the problems on Sunday. Those numbers are minimums. My guess is that it's closer to 500Kb per person when in the campaign which means we need at least 5MB upload from the server for a Campaign mission of 10 players. So I guess I'm saying we need to chip in and buy one of us an i7 box and a fiber connection to host our MP missions. Being the big person I am, I'll set up the paypal account so you can all begin donating
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