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  1. http://www.microsoft.com/games/flight/ you can download it there
  2. boards.jaggedalliance.com/index.php?/topic/435-demo-released/page__pid__6861#entry6861 Theres THE demo peeps. They got sick of steam And started hosting elsewhere.
  3. Commercial fucking bad move... but then again these guys are getting payed by a company called the fighter collection wich are specialized in restoring old crap. I laughed reading the comments of the pro pony peeps saying "but hey you can fly it" so fly it where? no ww2 scenery no other ww2 planes.... fly it where and against what? SA11, SA13's BUK launchers? Pathetic
  4. From my point of view i had alot of fun but i also had alot of problems understanding what my lead actually ment with what he wanted. Im not familiar with all the pilot slang and terms. Maybe its an idea to make a list of all the terms and what it means? Lookin at the mission we played i think as a first mission we should have chosen a daylight mission to begin with (even though it went amazing good). Other then that we fucked like everything up
  5. There seems to be no real reason why they are voting no. Hidden agenda anyone?
  6. How do you know you are ready to fly? I was born ready -Able to drop bombs in CCIP and CCRP Modes I can drop em al day long ! -Able to shoot Mavericks Let me have talk with Goose -Able to aim and shoot the GAU-8 cannon. They never know what hit em -Able to work, find targets, and have mastery over the LITENING II Targeting Pod. Pod and me go way back -Able to fly formation and know rudimentary aviation comms. Ehm no -Able to keep yourself alive in a high threat environment. Im still here motherfuckers ! -***Know how to insert MGRS coordinates into the CDU. Wait what?
  7. You dont need steam to get the version from the DCS site. Write/Copy the serial you get from the steam version, uninstall the steam version and download the gameclient from the DCS website. Use the steam serial and voila it works and you dont have to wait for steamupdates etc.
  8. Nice that the Polish pilots did well but they aint got shit on the Luftwaffe Aces ! The full list http://www.acesofww2.com/germany/Germany.htm The 300 and 200 club http://www.acesofww2...ny/top_aces.htm
  9. Most of you guys are a bunch of dirty pigs ! Start cleaning up and organize your shit a bit pffffff......
  10. Since they were working so hard on updating the carrier the only possible fixed wing could be the FA18C thats next on the list.
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