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  1. I'm equally bummed out that UO isn't as active now, but I get it. Folks get older and have other responsibilities. Hell, I think i'd been AFK for almost 8 years until just coming back. I always think back to the good times i always had on the server. Lately I've been playing on either the Volition or NAK servers because they're not passworded and you don't have to join a clan. Crappy thing is that they don't go into different channels on TS, use ACRE, or they just all talk in group. It's a cluster for sure. The next event we have I'll do my best to get on for sure.
  2. I'll try to get on for the next one. I'm trying to get used to arma3 on some of the other pub servers unfortunately, they're not using ACE, ACRE, etc. so i'm going to be shitty the first time around since it's been so long!
  3. yeah... looking a little slow around here. that's a bummer. i remember the old days with ratlover, azzwort, impulse, militant, etc. Had some good times!
  4. Can I play too??? Finally bought arma 3 and have to figure out how to do all this crap again
  5. Glad to see so many familiar names... Christ, I missed you guys =) Not sure how much I will be on, but I'm hoping to find some time every now and again to be on. That, and I'm playing on a flippin laptop now instead of my desktop.. oh well I'll be on before you know it =)
  6. I'm back from the great beyoond... Sorry I was gone so long, but impending doom in the form of divorce will do that to a guy. Things are much better now, but Arma 3 is bringing me back to where I started =) Hope to see you guys on the battlefield soon. I'm a little rusty so try to be nice =)
  7. When there is no coherent/organized plan in place with no specific mission commander in place or not forthcoming, that would be the time to end the seeder mission. Difficult to enforce obviously, but a big one nonetheless. A time limit is iffy as there may be times it would end during an actual organized attack. My suggestion: Player count: Have a macro roll every five min. once 15 players in game that says something along the lines "Seeder player count reached. New mission advised." Brings the whole reason for having a seeder mission to the forefront of all the players. Its up to them at that point. Actual end conditions for seeders are difficult to implement due to their overall sandbox nature.
  8. @ Jackal I respect your opinion on this, but is there really a problem with people abstaining? Has anyone become a regular that shouldn't have because of abstaining? If anything I can see how people who probably should become regulars don't simply because they receive all those extra no votes and don't get the requisite majority of yes votes. All that because im not active enough (not the applicant) to warrant either a yes or no vote for them in good conscience? It just doesn't make sense for me to vote no based on my game activity levels, not theirs. Also, researching how many times they've posted and forum activity is only half the equation. Metrics alone shouldn't determine a yes/no vote either. You need the human interaction component as well to be properly informed (which I don't have in Nukem's case). As for participation, I personally check the forums every day and post when I can. I vote on subjects that I do have a voice regarding and try to help with constructive commentary. I honestly don't have the time (for various reasons) to play, but I do still participate albeit at a reduced level than others. If you can show me (and others) why abstaining actually is the cause or partly the cause of an actual problem with a regularship nomination, then I will likely change my opinion on this. Right now it just feels like a mole hill being made into a mountain. Just my opinion.... This is my last post on this topic
  9. So I should hold it against someone applying for regularship just because im not active enough ingame to actually make an informed decision either way? Seriously think about what you're saying here. If someone is not up to par, there will be plenty of people voting no because they deserve it. I will not vote yes or no unless I believe it. If you'd rather we just not post when we abstain, I guess that works too, but I don't agree with it. Last I checked the elected officials in the US have the option to abstain, so why can't the rest of us?
  10. Voted no Mike, you need to be capable of being an asset to the community as well as a someone who can be looked upon for guidance from others who need it both in and out of game. That means being mature and complementary to the community, not mostly goofing and causing poor gameplay. Id suggest taking your leading seriously when you do so and not giving people reason to doubt you. If you do this long enough, then folks will change their tune on you. "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS" Remember that and live it.
  11. Rambo puts it oh so clearly Although im not playing much these days due to health, life, and comp location considerations, I still try to be active on the forums. Im abstaining since I haven't had much interaction with nukem, but I don't recall any bad memories of him either. Wish I could play more to give you a yes or no proper
  12. Um.... not a very convincing ad for Herman Cain since all he does is smile at the end. I might as well vote for the dog down the street who pulls his paralyzed hindquarters along strapped into a cart. The dog doesn't talk either so why not?
  13. Give him a pink rose to hold... that'll bring it over the top ftw.
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