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  1. The FTPs died with ARMA2 because we still have no mission with ARMA3 that will allow us to conduct them. The mission needs to be fluid enough to allow the instructor to spawn and control AI simultaneous with; moving, supervising, and teaching. Zeus doesn't even come close to the scripting that young Yaxxo made,
  2. It's free for a few days .... https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021725554-Welcome-to-the-Star-Citizen-Free-Fly-Event-
  3. For anyone who wanted this ... but missed the sales: Kerbal Sale GOG
  4. This looks promising. Teamwork. Immersion. Subs. https://store.steampowered.com/app/490920/Wolfpack/
  5. The free week was enjoyable. I experienced lots of crashes and there were bugs almost everywhere. The best parts of this game are astounding. Immersive. I spent way too much time during the event at my computer. Met some great people and traveled about with them on some very interesting ships. Multi-crew truly exists now. I still haven't paid any money, but I'm getting the feeling that Star Citizen may be viable one day. Perhaps in a few years, or a decade from now, I will buy a very small ship, get an apartment at Loreville, and play this game daily.
  6. WhatsUp? Here to play ... very few participants
  7. Definitely yes. He adds flavor and pizzazz to this community.
  8. No vics? Awesome idea. Sounds great.
  9. I have never had a negative interaction with Sadforguyinthesnow, although his name is a mouthful in game. I'm not familiar with the details of his ban. Does he have a review thread? Personal or Internal. He has always been great to game with, voting yes.
  10. Welcome to UO lad. Blue gave you very good advice, ... watch the video before you play. It is a very complete introduction and only takes 6 min of your life away.
  11. Welcome Turkey. Your English will be fine. There are lots of players here that we barely understand.
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