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  1. Man, I have the DCS, and would love to have been part of this! I even considered buying the Mig-21 addons, but I realized it was too late to learn how to take off, fly and land to ply this campaign. Great job guys! You made me proud, as I always wanted to see some Israeli-Egypt conflict played! Any more SSs? Or maybe some juyce footage? andrei
  2. humm, since I am vouching for this, I will test them. Expect the results in some days!
  3. Maybe off, but I really enjoyed watching House of Saddam! Small series divided in 3 parts! Also nice: - Big Drum Under Left Foot (Iran-Iraq War) [Deleted - Please don't share methods of circumventing copyrighted materials, Forum SOP 3.9] User received a warning point for this post.
  4. We could have a group of players (that are willing, of course) to test the pack for errors. I think we need the T-55, BRDM-2, all UAZs, Hilux and land Rovers. The rest we already have, but personally I found all the T-72, T80, T90 tanks and all the BMPs in our current modpack very buggy and hard to drive. Therefore, I think we should test this pack. That said, I am willing to make part of the "testing" group.
  5. Welcome buddy! Dont pay attention to Slider though! See ya in the battlefield!
  6. thanks ZZEZ, please check private msg =) Also, just to close this, I am very happy with the joystick! thank you all!
  7. ZZEZ, my game is ridiculous compared the ones you play! I would like to config it for Project Reality, which is a BF2 mod. I will search google, as TwoFace suggested, but could you help me as well bud?
  8. ZEZZ, I got my joystick. Any advices on how to configure it?
  9. The 20 minute surgery turned into 5 hours because due to the tumor being malign the doctors had to perform a careful searching for more points and remove them. Its actually good that it took that long, meaning that they extensively removed the bad tissue. Hope you get 100% soon! best wishes!
  10. I got IPVANISH, based on a "Top 10 VPNs Website" http://www.top10bestvpn.com/ which lists the evaluation of both users and web owners. Its the best on the list. Yesterday I played some hours of Project Reality and it was very good. I seems to have fixed my random disconnects and the ping is good. Question: how do I turn off the "auto payment"? Thanks again guys! You are the best! Cheers, andrei
  11. hello guys, its me again! I need a VPN. Which ones do you guys recommend? thanks!
  12. Guys, thanks for all the information! I have taken all your opinions under consideration and have decided to start out with the SpeedLink Black Widow. It should arrive in two days. Then, if I love the "joystick experience" (never tried one) I can move on later to a more complex platform. Will post back with a short reply about my opinions on this joystick. Thanks again! Andrei
  13. By that I mean the rotation of aircrafts
  14. ZEZZ, does the Black Widow have the twist function, how do you rotate the chopper with it
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