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  1. Turn your F-5E into a precision bomber with GBU-12's from a HADB and a ground or airborne eyeball laser source. Rip 4 or 6 and shack the target with a perfectly placed bomb stick. Warning, this shit takes practice. Pictures included in the excel sheet. Download Force
  2. IRL fuzing is never changed in the jet except for JDAMS with the FMU-152 Joint Programmable Fuze. For Mk 82's expect a 4 second nose fuze and a 6 second tail fuze. For CBU's always program S E 5 in the inventory screen. That's what we do IRL. Because 87/103's are ineffective, always use 97/105's and you will kill things as you would have with an 87. The biggest take away for fuzing is the Mk82 AIR. It's my go to in the hawg for dumb bombs because with proper fuzing and profile management I can drop it either high or low drag. Select Pilot Option 1. If you google the A-10-34 it will show you how the fuzes work and how to configure them. I don't have time to post what to set but we have a Battle Book that has all of this stuff in it. Force
  3. In if asia friendly time or on a saturday. I have perma license. Force
  4. UOAF DCS Modpack The UOAF DCS modpack will be maintained and distributed using this thread. The status of the mod as well as the changelog will be provided here as well. The modpack is currently curated by Nighthawk and sanctioned by the UOAF office. The UOAF modpack is a recommended, quality of life installation for all UOAF DCS events. Download Link, Latest Version Install Instructions: Changelog:
  5. Lineup cards available for download, editing, viewing here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/94nc981yven8idn/AAAkmtOEBsigkiKI1ZhcvRoGa?dl=0 Force
  6. UOAF DCS (JTAC) Session 15 - Sunday [2018-11-25, 1800z] Concept of Operations: Support USMC armored push into Comax territory by interdicting enemy ground forces forward of the Forward Support Coordination Line (FSCL). The ground force commander's intent is to destroy at least 75% of enemy forces along their axis of advance. Event Checklist Items: DCS: World installed and updated to the latest version (v2.5.3.23594) Georgian theater used Keybinds checked for desired module Track IR & Oculus tested SRS Client (v1.5.5.0) installed, tested, comms keybinds set. Installation Guide located on the wiki here. Notetaking and/or lineup cards ready if required UOAF DCS MODPACK Installed (See below spoiler if not installed) DCS Modules Used: A-10C - FAC A / CAS M2000C - CAS CF/A-18C - CAS AGS-37 Viggen - Deep Strike Ka-50 - BAI SA342M Gazelle - BAI Tactical Situation: Given recent NATO successes against Limnadia and the drive to Tbilisi, the semi-rogue nation of Comox launched skirmishes against coalition forces in the proximity of Beslan. USMC assets who have been guarding the border are prepared to launch an assault in response. Comox has a mix of Russian and NATO equipment including the latest double digit SAMs, F-4 and F-5 jets, and T-72B tanks. Coalition air power will conduct CAS under Nail 69, an A-10 FAC-A controlling the airspace above friendly forces and in coordination with a Company JFO. Image below: Loadout: A-10C - 2x Mavs, 2xWP, 3xGBU-12, 2xAIM-9, 1x ALQ-184 M2000C - 2x Fuel Tanks, 4x CBU, 2x GBU-12, 2x Magic CF/A-18C - 2x Fuel Tanks, 2x MK-82, 2x Mavs AGS-37 Viggen - 4x HE Rocket Pods, 4x Mavs post strike Ka-50 - 12x Vikhr, 2x HE Rocket Pods SA342M Gazelle - 4x HOT ATGMs Mission Products, Information, and Assets Package Strike Freq: 243.00 UHF Interflight: Per Lineup Card Assets: Friendly 155mm artillery for SEAD E-3 Sentry KC-135 KC-130 Download your lineup cards for printing or editing here A-10C M2000C CF/A-18C AGS-37 Viggen Ka-50 SA342M Gazelle Weather & Time WIP Event Flow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minimum competencies will not be enforced for this event. Come with patience and a willingness to learn. Simple Radio Standalone and UOAF DCS Modpack WILL be required for participation, please come with it setup and tested previously. Start time is STRICTLY enforced, players will be expected to be in server lobby with SRS and Teamspeak enabled and functioning PRIOR TO 18:00z. Meeshun JIP and is on Pohd-uh-gorsk Force
  7. The first barrier to entry implementation in UO Western history. People, this office means business. They are a model for all. Force
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