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  1. Note: by "you" I mean SgtDeadly12 in the following: No means to communicate with higher (you know this - you are the mission maker, ?correct?). Leadership was dead (you know this - it was you). Last communication with you (near mission start, approximately 15 minutes before this incident) had my buddy team (MilitaryTurtle + Me) providing security for the BMD north of the objective. No concerns to my team leaving the cap zone to accomplish said task were raised. Furthermore, the same stream you linked has me holding position, roughly north of the BMD, for mission start +15. BMD tasked to defend was dead. In fact, there're less than half the OPFOR prior to the disputed incident. Cap zone was a hundred square meters, in the middle of the town. Post-incident I'm moving S, SE - towards the box. I little-to-no intelligence on enemy positions. That I am choosing not to return to the cap zone and instead "superflank" is an incorrect series of conclusions. Side note, why is the AAR not functioning for this mission?
  2. Cheers to all who made a showing! We topped off at twenty-eight players (and had twenty-five+ for two maps). Feel free to post your comments, concerns, or criticisms. I hope to run more of these in the future. Anything I can do to improve the experience is appreciated. Thanks again! Hope y'all had fun.
  3. Event has begun. Plenty of open slots! If you'd like to JIP, no need to sign-up. Just come play.
  4. Celebratory Raven Shield / Athena Sword afterwards? SWAT 4?
  5. Update from my end, I still plan on running the game. However, I am going to have to push the start date back into early December. Continue to update characters as you see fit. I am still awarding bonus XP for well written backstories, up to 100XP per character. If both Lexi and Vfef commit to playing then I will have to shelf any further requests to play.
  6. I've been playing table tops for more than half of my life. Need I be specific?
  7. 109% realism? The falling damage always struck me as odd...
  8. Yes, let us spend development time (however minimal it may be) tweaking a system that functioned A-OK as was. Come on BI, isn't there something else you could be doing?
  9. I see the campaign proceeding more like this:
  10. Cheers Cunnah. Glad to see you took feedback and rapidly pushed out a new version. Hopefully we can get a play through on Saturday.
  11. OP4 Recce Team would not be OP with a long rifle. Long rifle would act as a deterrent to BLUFOR attempting to occupy high ground surrounding the objective. Key terrain (if occupied by BLUFOR) would force engagements at 800m+. The ample cover provided lowers the risk of an OP4 long rifle 'running amok,' i.e., soloing the BLUFOR. I had fun going for a jog (and swim) with Syntax.
  12. Maximum of one FS. No formally trained Jee-dai.
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