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  1. Apparently the server is having issues, that may have something to do with what I was experiencing. Not sure.
  2. Would not load, it actually kicked me off the server. Tried multiple times.
  3. Enjoy, Goons script, Military Turtle dropped it. Ending was mandatory.
  4. I have played on this map several times. It's gorgeous and very well done. FPS is good (of coarse depending on AI numbers and placed objects) . I would absolutely recommend it being added to the UO mod pack, it's nice to play on different terrains meant for A3 instead of the same terrains from older titles.
  5. A few more snippets for ya. Yeah...just when you thought you saw it all, Arma reminds you it still has more tricks up it's sleeves Was just a race to see who could kill me first, spoiler, the plane eventually won, I was screwed either way I had so much eye candy in this mission from a while ago, problem was it was too damn laggy for me at the time. EDIT: Oh yeah, I've been meaning to say this for a while, W-Cephei, amazing YIR video man, awesome work, really enjoyed it.
  6. Mission 1 - I was a grenadier in a US squad with no 203's. The raid on our first target went ok as there was not too much resistance. When we assaulted the next larger target, I believe I fell victim to Arma's grass rendering. I was on a hill that gradually sloped down to the OBJ, I went prone near a rock wall and as I tried to look down into the OBJ, my view was very obscured by the grass in my face, meanwhile the dudes in the OBJ looking up at me probably had no issue seeing my head, and bam, that's all she wrote for me. The amount of friendly fire from the helo's was absolutely absurd. PID, positive identification, if you cannot positively ID who you are shooting at, then don't shoot, it's that simple. Mission 2 - I was a tank driver for Max's Abrams. I could not use free look inside my tank so i was basically looking forward the whole time and pushing nothing but the forward, backward, left and right keys. Had an absolute blast. I love tactical driving and being aggressive when called for. Doing berm drills, shoot and scoot, hull down, aggressive driving in the country side and aggressive flanking and so on is a treat. I liked the plan of having to roll forward slowly in order for the scouts and tanks to hunt down and destroy the ATGM teams and ID enemy tanks, and then having 2 tank platoons conduct berm drills and shoot and scoot near a ridge line to engage enemy tanks, while another tank platoon flanks left aggressively and rolls up the static enemy occupying their positions. Awesome when done right. At one point when I got the go ahead to put the pedal to the metal and be aggressive in order to flank the enemy and just go full speed through the country side, I was asking for direction from Max because my view was limited and I was cruising at high speeds avoiding terrain obstacles, but got no answer, turns out Max somehow fell out of the tank and we had no idea lol, so we just kept attacking. QuiGon pulled off a beautiful shot on the move on a T-90 as we rolled past a hill and caught them on the slope. We then realized Max was no longer with us, radioed him for his loc, and went back and picked him up. From there we kept up the attack, took a shell that knocked out our turret, but at this point the battle was done, and we have won. Mission 3 - Not going to lie, I was very disappointed with how this was handled. To my knowledge both sides had technical difficulties which required the play to be paused. Opfor had issues with their ATGM's and Blufor had issues with their mortars. In a moment like that admin's need to decisively act and make it absolutely clear to the player base to stop everything and hold fire. Players need to honour and respect that for gameplay sake, and not move into position to get eyes on, or take the time to recce the enemy. It is also not the time for sarcasm and attitudes, and everyone who is not an Admin or voicing a problem specific to them as in their equipment being bugged, needs to stay off the chat. The reasons why are clear, and the rule has been around for years, I don't know why this is still an issue. When the order to pause was giving, as a Bradley gunner I took my hand off my mouse and left my gun pointed to the ground, and waited. Outside of that, I had some fun gunning the Brad for Blufor and shot me some people with HE. When in town it seemed like our Brad outpaced the inf after all other Brad's were destroyed, and we isolated ourselves to get a better view of the town. We got hit and hit hard by enemy BMP's. The commander was killed, the turret was damaged along with a track, and as the driver tried to get us to low ground and behind cover,well, the last thing I heard from him was "oh no!" and then the Brad rolled to a stop. I looked down to the left of my screen and saw that he was losing connection. I then sat there alone in the Brad and accepted my fate and what was to come next. My Brad then got bombarded with HE rounds as I sat there alone with my last thoughts. I was hoping they would just leave me alone thinking they got a crew kill, but nope, I went out in a ball of flame. I would repeat what others have stated, for slotting have yourself a pool for non in game officers, no need to have every single player in a specific slot. The reasons have already been stated and seen on the event day. All in all though, I had some good fun.
  7. Filled. I might not be there for first mission, but we shall see.
  8. Maybe something central America'ish, but nothing too big for your first one?
  9. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/livemissions/co48-opd1-opening-moves-v11-r725? This mission needs to be reviewed for performance reasons. FPS was all over the place and many people would get kicked by Battleye because of it I believe.
  10. It's not a hard rule, nor would I want it to be one that only those in leadership positions are able to comment or make suggestions on the plan. I have the mind of thinking a good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from. It falls to the CO really. As a CO you can address the whole server and ask if they have any questions, comments or concerns. Or you can specifically ask do leaders, and leaders only, have any questions, comments or concerns. I do both depending. Now with that said, sometimes people keep making the same mistakes and people need to jump up and say something. So for example, and I saw this a lot in TvT's in A2 to the point it was maddening. A CO would be in charge of a Mech/motorized PLT or COY, and they would push their vehicles too far into enemy territory without dismounting the troops or considering enemy may have advanced positions from the OBJ, which would lead to catastrophic events such as multiple vics getting instantly blown up with all it's inf still inside. And this is after the slotting, briefing, the forming up and traveling phase, so it would leave a bad taste in peoples mouths (better to dismount early then late if you know what I mean). So it was important for people to speak up on the concerns of what should be a foreseeable event. Plus it can be motivating to see so many people trying to make their side succeed by voicing legit concern over legit threats. On top of that there are people who may have considered something you did not, and when they voice it, you may clue in and say, yeah good point, we need to watch out for that or make an adjustment to the plan to take whatever into consideration. Now with that also being said, sometimes we don't need to hear every Tom, Dick and Harry's opinion or suggestion on the matter, especially at high player counts. Keep the bottom lip up and let those in the leadership pos figure it out, hell your SL may already see and have a solution to an upcoming problem he has identified. Plus there are some things you can address at the squad or team level. A couple final things though, to those who voice a concern or another method of doing something, don't take it personally if the CO shuts it down. Many ways to do something, and if that's what the CO feels they want to do outside of your suggestion (and outside of trolling or straight up carelessness), then so be it, it may or may not work, you may or may not agree, but try to do it. When the shoe is on the other foot, hopefully people return the favour and do it your way for now without over the top arguing or flat out insubordination, that just ruins the experience. It's an art, let them have fun painting their picture when they put a good effort into it, and adapt as needed. Also CO's, your never going to have the peoples 100% confidence in your plan, don't be too upset if some people do not look highly on it. Last thing, CO's don't be afraid to ask for peoples ideas and opinions. Some people come up with some good points in which you can revolve your thought and course of action around. Try not to lead by committee either to the point it takes up too much time though, but do listen to what some people have to say whether they be in a leadership pos or not, and whether you adopt their idea or not. When I lead I usually do all these things. Sometimes I don't want to hear from anyone but my leadership. Sometimes I ask for people to come up with ideas. Sometimes I take a persons idea, and sometimes I don't and run with my own. Sometimes I take time to listen, sometimes I'll tell them to tell their SL and let them figure it out, or sometimes the situation just does not allow me to listen to anyone's thoughts, action is needed now. Sometimes people like you for it, sometimes they don't. It's a balancing act for the most part, and you will find yourself juggling a lot.
  11. Yeah these are basic things that would be nice for people to clue in on and adapt to. It can also help conceal your people from enemy eyes, so that you are not easily observed and fired upon. And plus, if you find yourself in a sudden firefight, you at least have some cover and can try to fire back right away instead of scrambling like mice to find the nearest cover. It should be a default way of thinking and people should do this by default, especially when a leader is occupied with other things. If your in a leadership position, most of the time you will have to remind people to do this through orders. It's not difficult but it does tend to become very repetitive through time, but that comes with the territory when in a leadership position, it's natural Imo. So for example if your a SL, say something like "1, quick halt, find cover and concealment", or " move to that tree line front 50 meters, find cover and concealment and hold", or "hold here and find whatever cover concealment you can nearby" etc. Specify a formation and a direction if needed, and remind people of flank and rear security if needed. Same thing with covering your arcs, people should know by default more or less where you should be looking, because everyone knows by now what happens when everyone is looking in the exact same direction. If your on the flank of your formation, watch the flanks,. Find yourself at the rear of the formation, watch the rear, and take initiative at times to watch an area you see people are not watching. Can be boring yes, but it can be life saving and the difference between victory and failure within a mission, that is very much true. Two guy's roll up a squad due to them neglecting their flank and that could be it, game, set, match, checkmate. Like I said it can get extremely repetitive after a while, but that's the job of the leader, to provide guidance and to keep an eye out for your people, and make moves that tend to save lives (easier said then done most times, but that's the fun of the challenge). Also leaders don't be afraid to assign certain people certain spots or positions, not everyone is a mind reader to what you would like done. Put your assets where they need to be. But outside of that, when people take initiative to do these important individual techniques, it helps out everybody and makes for a good game and some awesome firefights.
  12. I was about to park it and dismount to team up with James, but.... This one made me chuckle.
  13. Necro thread? We played this mission on the weekend or so, and I reported it as broken and it brought me here. I have played this mission 3 or so times, and it's all been the same, a good amount of people having very bad performance with it.
  14. Hey Jimbo, there is another way to mute spectators. Press Esc > Options > Game > Configure Addons > ACRE 2 , there's a spectator volume bar, slide that all the way down, voila!
  15. Mission needs to be removed due to very poor performance for players. Peoples FPS went from bad to worse as we moved forward, especially when we got near the town. When I entered spectator, i had a solid 1 FPS.
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