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  1. In for a Hawg seat as long as I don't have to lead, though I can't guarantee I'll be able to there at the very start.
  2. Congratulations are definitely in order Force: if there's anyone that should be flying an A-10, that's you.
  3. I'm liking how the game is shaping up so far: Bears are still dangerous but now don't get called in every single engagement especially when near the UK, they added crew voices (even if they have to be manually toggled on atm), added the option of removing the 3d models from the game world unless you have a 95% solution, fixed sunk vessels so that you need to have a sonar contact on them to know if they've been sunk and are working on adding the ability to let the helmsman do its job instead of being forced to manually operate the boat.
  4. I'm with BG21Belmont: I was expecting a RSR remake and I got an RSR remake. There are a some things I'm not a fan of (namely not being able to just pick a depth and course and having the crew handle it) and some other rough edges that really need to be smoothed over, but I'm having fun so far.
  5. And it's now officially released on Steam for 37€ http://store.steampowered.com/app/541210
  6. I can say that I'm really looking forward to it and the fact it's on PC is great.
  7. This is another interesting video about the trailer to watch:
  8. I've started playing it after finding a 20% discount on it. I am having fun and I'm not minding the bullet-spongy nature of it being an RPG with shooter mechanics nearly as much as I thought I would. The only real issues I'm having is that sometimes skills and items don't activate when I want them to, the character sometimes refuses to vault over cover to safety even when the prompt is clearly on screen and copy/paste nature of all the sidequests. Oh and the one-dimensional sidequest giver NPCs that are entirely defined by one quirk and one quirk only (this guy is a fan boy! This guy was an soap actor! This guy is a hippie!): every time I hear them talk on the radio, I get the urge to strangle them. :v
  9. Game is FREE again until the end of the month, so it would be dumb not to get this. Especially since you get to keep the game after the offer ends, like they did with all the previous "free weekends".
  10. Been trying this thanks to a 7-days pass I managed to snag. It is most definitely not the standard "theme park" MMO: most of the content seem to revolve around investing in real estate, setting up workshops with 'indentured servants' doing all the work and exploring around, sandbox-style. So far I'm impressed by the attention to detail, although there are some very "korean mmo" design choices that are kind-of aggravating, and the character creation system is sadly nowhere as deep as they make it look like.
  11. Yes, but they will still be at a disadvantage: gimballed weapons deal less damage per shot than fixed.
  12. The flight model is similar, but there are some very important differences to keep in mind: vertical thrusters are much more powerful in CQC than normal there are power-ups you can pick up to temporarily boost speed, weapons, etc. reload time for shield cell banks and chaff have been considerably increased but count as special abilities you can select "fixed" weapons have a decent amount of gimballing without the wobble inherent of true gimballed weapons, but can now be affected by chaff ship loadout customization is limited to keep the playing field relatively even It's a good system to learn how to better dogfight, but PvP in the "real" universe involves proper ship loadouts and at the highest levels it tend to revolve around ships running mainly fixed weapons with high alpha damage (Rail Gun mostly) that are set up to run silent while carrying a few chaff launchers making gimbals and turrets effectively worthless against them. This has also been made possible by the changes to how shield cell banks work and how much armor you get from hull reinforcement packages.
  13. After changing Horizons to be DLC on the Steam store (as they should've done in the first place imo) Frontier made an interesting move in releasing the CQC component as a separate game called Elite Dangerous: Arena for 7 bucks. Now, Arena/CQC is still avaiable for anyone that owns the main game, but this is an interesting decision since it can encourage more people to see if they like the combat mechanics (thus potentially leading to more sales of the main game, though it is doing pretty well already) and to populate the game mode more for the rest of us.
  14. I do hope people got this during the free weekend, because this is a fun game despite still being an alpha. If anyone needs any tips, let me know.
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