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  1. Haha I get paid to think that way...
  2. FYI in a real war cellphones are not going to work. Also no GPS, and good luck getting SATCOM links cause you can bet GEO birds are gone too. Then you get to try and hit the emergency capability LEO birds which are probably being blown out of the sky in good order too. FYI we're also all probably dead.
  3. Nope, radios are shit. Trust me. My day job is space radios, which are about 1000x easier to talk to (no mountains in the sky). Terrestrial radios are much more fun for all the problems they have.
  4. Spec bug should be fixed in 889, just need Impy to push to server. Should be good for the weekend (at least Sat/Sun).
  5. Need more information on this, not sure I understand the context of both sentences.
  6. FYI for people who think their radio is broken or not getting signal. Each transmission to you is logged in the RPT with relevant signal information, even if you can't hear it (because the signal is too bad).
  7. Oh man that guy looked so confused at the end... I'd have been a total buzzkill in that situation.
  8. You know where you get a glory hole in the South Pacific from? Glory Trips.
  9. Odd, you'd think you'd get power off the rails, but I guess they just use their internal batteries for everything. Also for IR Mavericks, there is probably a coolant bottle that will run out eventually once they've been turned on.
  10. If you had issues today with ACRE and radios, please send me your RPT file and the acre_dll.log file in your Arma 3's log directory. Thanks! And yes TrackIR will be fixed ASAP (I know how I broke it).
  11. I'm not saying there should be any new rules. I am saying you are an asshole for saying shit like that. It doesn't personally bother me, but it makes you look like a massive, inconsiderate, empathy lacking douche canoe.
  12. Neat, it is still rude to make fun of people who are actually triggered by things. PTSD is real, there are people here that suffer from it. The fact that a small subset of people that use the term "triggered" inappropriately are aggrandized by people wanting to frame a narrative around people with actual PTSD and the concept of social equality altogether doesn't mean it is any less offensive to people who actually suffer from it legitimately.
  13. Oh look someone making a joke about triggered people on a forum full of veterans. Class act Rye.
  14. Oh you mean when Zedic would constantly tell people to go kill themselves? Yea that was better. Remember that new guy who posted an intro thread, perfectly reasonable and nice sounding, Zedic told him to go kill himself just out of the blue and he stormed off? Yea that is exactly the shining example of the standard of maturity UO should embrace. Kill yourself. Wow reported in less than a minute. Someone doesn't get irony.
  15. Adults don't make racist/jingoist insults against random people. If you can't refrain from insulting someone you barely know based on their religion, sexual identity, gender, or race then you aren't really an adult. Adults shouldn't have to tolerate children being dickheads to them.
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