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  1. I am very sorry I could not participate, I was on the road yesterday and it got very late. Well, we'll see how the poll turns out.
  2. I just recently installed ArmA 3 to try it out on my new machine. I am currently reinstalling ArmA 2 & mods, but I do have another event that evening, so I might be joining later. Or my machine implodes due to Six, I have seen it happen before...
  3. Für Weltherrschaft hinten anstellen -->
  4. Did you do a proper fault diagnosis? Usually it is the power supply or a hard drive that fails, at least in my experience. I had to replace mine quite a few times, but the other components are fine. Of course a new computer helps, too. I am planning on getting a new one soon as well.
  5. Who said anything about a 6 week delay? It takes 10 minutes to have a few people read over the proposal and maybe another 20 minutes to have a short discussion on TeamSpeak in regards to wording before putting the poll up. The incorrect use of the apostrophes ("two-thirds" became "two-third's" & "it's scheduled conclusion") is just a minor detail that shows to me this possibly did not take place. I personally never had any problems understanding the meaning and intent of the charter, but we have a sufficient amount of people in this community that are capable of misinterpreting and misquoting even the simplest of formulations of this document on multiple occasions to further their personal goals and agendas. I fully support condensing and simplifying the more complex parts of our charter and SOPs, but it has to be done with as little margin for error as possible in order not to create more loopholes for those "internet lawyers" to exploit. This is not meant as a slight to the person who did the rewrite, who I believe had the best intentions. These two quotes put in different words what I mean by the above:
  6. Give it another grammar pass (or two). The devil is in the details with those kinds of operations. Especially the correct use of the apostrophe seems to be a problem these days.
  7. As a side note: Macaco is correct, there is no official use of the proword "break" in triplicate anywhere in proper radio protocol. Read the damn radiotelephone procedures in the document he posted! This message has been brought to you by: Angry and disgruntled former German Army signals officer and future Evil Overlord of the World.
  8. Oerlikon Contraves has been bought up by Rheinmetall in 1999 and renamed Rheinmetall Air Defense.
  9. I could further add the German Army variant of a contact report to the "confusion" (which, for the sake of simplicity, follows the same format as a fire command): E - Einheit (unit) (optional for brevity) R - Richtung (direction) E - Entfernung (distance) Z - Ziel (target) A - Ausführung (execution) (optional for fire command) So, in action it sounds like this: "Third squad! 10 o'clock! 300 meters! 2 enemy infantry! (Fire!)" Strange, this is pretty similar to the examples above. Funny how different armies apply the same principles. But all joking aside, this is nitpicking of the highest order. Does it matter how you call the elements of the report or in which precise order they are given? As long as all the pertinent information is passed to the squad in the shortest time possible, the desired effect is achieved. I like the video. It is short and concise, contains useful information for rookies and therefore accomplishes its goal. Very much like a good contact report.
  10. I am not sure if I would recommend buying serial keys from a site that sells World of Warcraft gold, powerleveling and accounts (which is against Blizzard's terms of service). That does not necessarily mean that MMOGA is a scam site, but I strongly advise to exercise caution.
  11. The Mutant Alien Nazi Robot Zombie Apocalypse From Outer Space™ will be delayed slightly. I am working on it.
  12. Best2nd, a relevant post was in General Discussion for over a week: http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/topic/14001-help-bi-employees-ivan-buchta-and-martin-pezlar/ You were the second person to reply to it, remember? This is just to give it more coverage on the front page.
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