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  1. I play this often. If anyone is up for a game sometime add me on steam. Keif or nWo_Zezima
  2. I play this often. If anyone else does add me: Keif#21159
  3. I play it now and then on PS4.
  4. I would agree with this. A long-term ban. If he messes up again, perm him.
  5. A video of mine from 4 years ago. Long live Stalin bus!
  6. Any chance of another one this Friday? Looking to get my first proper Arma3 games under my belt.
  7. I haven't been around much recently but I remember Sherminator. Very sad to hear, I played with him from time to time. He seemed like a good guy. RIP buddy o7
  8. Congrats man best of luck with the training!
  9. Already voted yes but now anyone who votes no I will hunt down and destroy. Lead us, oh green one.
  10. Easy yes from me. Great player. Welcome back
  11. Downloading at the moment. A friend of mine has it too. Interested to see what its like
  12. This shit will never get old
  13. Also not every game with a good reduction will be featured on the front page. So if you find a good game for a good price be sure to let us all know here I don't see anything just yet that I'll be getting but I'll be keeping an eye out
  14. I do. Don't have many games but I play BF4 a good bit and FIFA 14 sometimes too. nWo_Zezima is my PSN.
  15. I still play this a lot. Highly recommend.
  16. Yes please. I want glorious red army charge into German machine gun fire while 10,000 Russians scream OOORAAAAAH!!! All while many men don't have weapons and several hammer and sickle red flags are being waved. World at War got a lot of that right. More please.
  17. @foghorn But those 5 minutes where the arty lands, the cas comes in and you, your squad and all other squads attack and take it in 5 minutes is why I play this game. Glorious.
  18. The most fun thing for me is playing as the Japanese and banzai charging in a group. The more people together charging at the same time, the more suppression the enemy experiences. It's similar to what might happen in war. 10 japs come sprinting at you from nowhere screaming banzai. Your first few shots aren't going to be great. Also picking off people at long range with a bolt action rifle or mowing people down with MG's is almost criminally satisfying. Highly recommend it.
  19. Oculus Minecraft is already gone and its only been ~24 hours I think. I've a feeling there will be a trickle of news with companies cutting ties/deals with oculus. I know I would. Also a large amount of pre-orders for the rift are being cancelled. It's all down to Valve and Sony now.
  20. ACE2 and ACRE. On a serious note, I don't see anything worth removing.
  21. For those who don't know, this game is a fan remake of an old classic C&C: Renegade which came out who knows how long ago. It was one of my first PC games and was Westwoods first attempt at a FPS. I put a stupid amount of hours into that game playing multiplayer on dial-up with a friend years back. Safe to say I'll be giving this a shot. Also 0:58 FLAME RUSH!!!!11111
  22. It's an extremely slow and boring game but not the worst one out there. I still watch the Super Bowl every year with friends and I enjoy it, but it's more an excuse to get drunk and eat hot dogs than anything else. Looking forward to it nonetheless.
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