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  1. It's always better to educate someone than punish them. Give the kid a chance. I'm getting soft in my old age.
  2. A hugger of ham huh? Not to many people want that job.
  3. I kind of echo contrails here - good post by the way - I think it's the regulars who should endevour to get to know new people (the general public out number us billion to one). Saying that my vote is 'yes', I am not hearing a lot of negative things about you. Sure, more post on the forum would be a plus but who cares about the forums (not me).
  4. The are attained by attending UOTC courses. They are to mark you as having a certain level of competence - useful for slotting no doubt on the server. For now this is a teamspeak 3 implementation, as far as extending it to the forums, no word has been made (so it's unlikely to happen soon). If you have attended the courses and you don't have the tags tthen you will need to speak to one of the UOTC instructors (Yaxxo / Godhand / Upchuk / Jake Peril / Verox / Thawk) to get yours put back on as they have taken notes on who has attained what.
  5. You're all right H.Howard, many people would have given up - good on ya. I would say look at the getting started guide - big button on the right and also read hellhounds guide. Also jump into teamspeak and let us get to know you a bit better.
  6. Congrats on not posting a thread called - I am / want to be a sniper / helicopter pilot where is my slot . You'll fit in here just fine.
  7. Forum Changes [2012-06-19] The following changes have been made to the forums. # News - Change to blog style for the frontpage. # News - Made categories pages single column format. # News - Changed the comments line in the main, category and article views to be alongside the posters name. # News - Added donations block to sidebar. # News - Added recent topics to sidebar. # News - Added custom side bar block to display getting started guide. # News - Added various style elements to the news area in general. # News - Removed search box which is a duplicated function of the global search (looked ugly). # News - Re organised categories within the news system. # News - Sorted all news posts into relevant categories. # News - Removed all but one news post on the frontpage - demonstrating how to PROPERLY USE THE NEWS / FRONTPAGE. # Server Information - Removed all old server info panels and replaced them with current tracker information. # Server Information - Added a quick click to join teamspeak information section. # Help Topics - Added officers to the list. # General - Appointed Administrators, WSO's and PR as editors of the frontpage - Skin is the new editor-in-chief # Permissions - Completely revamped the forum permissions system. # Permissions - UOTC - Removed abilty to hard delete topics. # Permissions - UOTC - Removed abilty to warn users. # Permissions - Check and remove permissions from section mods to remove warning levels from users. # Permissions - News - Only Administrators, PR and WSO's can now post articles to the frontpage of the website. # Forum - Recaches board skin. # Forum - Rebuild forum post counts. # Forum - Fix redirect icon so that it matches current set. # Forum - Remove unused forums (MSO Events / Others). # Forum - Remove duplicate info in the news and information section of the forum. # Forum - Created a redirect link to the 'UO Official Documentation' section. # Forum - Removed promote to article button as it was being misused. # Forum - Added sidebar block for getting started guide. # Forum - Set up forum for posting news articles (for everyone to use). # Forum - Removed most of the queued posts. # Forum - Removed most of the active reports. # Forum - Added an extra day on to existing polls /Note- Any active poll at time of maintenance has had an extra day added on
  8. From my point of view TS ban should remain. You sir are a blatant spammer and I was a recipient of your spam.
  9. I've noticed some slippage in the sig discipline. So this is a reminder as to the SoP's regarding Sig's that were enacted in the community. As per community polls, these are the Sig picture rules and guidelines: The intent of these rules and guidelines is to maintain an appropriate and non-disruptive means of expressing individuality in one's sig picture that enhances the UO community and encourages creative expression. Rules: 1. Forum Signature pictures shall have a maximum dimension of 500X150 pixels. 2. Forum Signature pictures shall have a maximum file size of 300KB. 3. Forum Signature pictures shall be in the following formats only: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and animated versions thereof. 4. Content must abide by Charter and SoP regulations. Guidelines: 1. Maintain vertical discipline, when integrating text into your signature. People browse the forums on a lot of devices, including phones, your spam of vertical text is not appreciated. 2. When posting in a thread, uncheck the signature option whenever possible. Your signature should not be present in a thread more than once. 3. Keep content relevant and appropriate to the community. Minors and ethnic tastes of all kinds use these forums, offensive content will be removed and warnings issued. Thank you. Reference: Signature Content Limits Signature Image Size Limits Final Round Signature Pixel Size Limits Final Round Click here to view the article
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