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  1. UOMods_A3 Framework Updates Deathstrike's Canadian Reskins/Textures Piespy's UH1H. 2019-05-03 Hotfix for CBA_A3 & Deathstrikes BW Reskins.
  2. CUP Updates 3CB Updates RKSL Addition - From Prior 3CB_ACE_WEAPONS Requirements changing.
  3. I am interested in listening to things underwater!
  4. Restructure of UOMODS_A3 to comply with Steam Workshop Licensing issues that supersede historical licence agreements of authors and APL-SA. Server will be offline for the next day until most of these issues are resolved. Update/2019-03-26 The following content has been subdivided out of UOMODS_A3 to prevent possible licence conflicts between Steam Workshop distribution and prior licence agreements under APL-SA, or individual authors. 3CB Optional - Many Reddntanks ITC Air and Land The following content has been removed from the modpack due to inability to resign or securely use on the server with current public distribution. A3 Paddle DBO Bikes The following content has been included in the modpack collection RHS - SAF At present the first pass of UOMODS_A3 is done, but the server is still not brought back up until a second pass is done. The following content still needs to be reviewed. ACE - Directly approved redistribution, but new dependency cross conflicts with split optional files from other modpacks. ACE Optionals GST M16A2 NIA/HLC Weapons NIA/HLC ACE Compatibility Files RuPal's Weapon Holding SKN/NBC Units & XCAM Editor Upgrade Object Placement compatibility. Update - 2019-03-28 UOMAPS_A3 Rosche 1.2x Updated to Most Current. The following content is pending an update or change in the future. UOMAPS_A3 UOMODS_A3 - Above Listed Addons UOACE_A3 - Now Broken due to cross compatibility requirements pushed by external addons. ACE Public will now be used - but local overrides may exist by way of UOMODS_A3 ACRE2 - DEV 997 -> 998 - [Added] ACRE2 radio box. - [Added] Intercom accent functionality. - [Added] Support for other signal models. Arcade and LOS Multipath. - [Improvement] Display radio number in front of ACE interact. - [Improvement] Allow Helicopter Gunner Copilot to access racks - [Improvement] Change default radio keys and streamline key strings - [Cleanup] Cleanup of deprecated features for 2.7.0. - [Cleanup] General improvements in sys_data. - [Cleanup] General improvements to sys_core. - [Cleanup] Preparation for intercom GUI: convert the system to CBA Hashes. - [Fix] Reveal to AI on headless and dedicated servers. - [Fix] Case insensitive intercom configuration. - [Fix] API function setPressetChannelField. - [Fix] API functions getRadioVolume and setRadioVolume are enabled. - [Debug] Added debug output to signal return functions.
  5. CBA - ACE - 3.12.6 ACEX - 3.4.2 UOTEST_A3 - Framework Beta
  6. Newer Software updates now pushed - re-entering rebuild for new skin issues.
  7. New Software Update Pending - May break Payment Processors and some Skin issues. No ETA on Deployment - Critical plugins still not updated to newest version.
  8. Addressed issues with Calendar showing/rendering wrong time. Dates previously showing as YYYY-MM-DD HHmmz HH:mm corrected to be Dates should appear as YYYY-MM-DD with Local Time after. EDIT - Permission issues with Calendar for UOAF - Should be working as of this update.
  9. Do not use the WIP Theme and expect it to be functional at this time. Do not expect the Front Page to be working properly. Do not expect the mission Reporting System to be working properly at this time. Many features may be improperly formatted on the WIP theme - if not, they will be miss-colored due to identifying theme elements and locations. Many theme elements will be missing and or abset. Changes to Front Page, Articles, and Mission Databases changed layout and presentation in addition to reporting and commenting systems. These systems may be visually broken in many regards and may require a redesign or implementation in the future. -Updated Theme - Most visual styles matched. Need to work on color matching and style options.
  10. Frontpage is currently offline - This content is being recreated. Visual Changes and Options to follow.
  11. Generally titles are per Title Name - Air Forces was an outlier. UOED would be applicable. UOPS was planetside, SQ was Squad, and SB was Steel Beasts. Officer/Regular Management - Creation of the group/outfit would be needed from an administrative level, for later promotion and or adoption. But Volunteer running/invites/etc is fine so long as there is an option for these non supported games to later be community managed/included. I am unfamiliar with how management of Groups within ED are currently handled. If I need to create this group, and then invite a manager to invite people into the game, that is fine, so long as secondary people can do invite roles. At present I see no need to restrict any one from trying to participate, and if need be it can even be an open invite group.
  12. ACRE2 996 -> 997 - [Added] New transmit notification. - [Added] Automatic Antenna Elevation. - [Added] Intercom accent functionality. - [Added] New keybinds for speaking through intercom and broadcast messages (before they were just features accessible through ace interaction) - [improvement] Expand argument checks in API functions. - [improvement] Optimise item functions. Better performance in missions with lots of objects and medics with lots of "drugs" and bandages. - [improvement] Introduce factor for AI Revealing. - [Cleanup] C++ plugin. - [Fix] Typo when processing TurnedOut limitations in intercom and racks. - [Fix] Intercom volume is now overwriting radio volume. UOMODS_A3 ITC Update UOFramework
  13. This poll requires a 3/4 vote lasting two weeks, ending on 2018-12-06. This poll was put up at Regular Request.
  14. 3CB Update Prei Khmaoch Luong Added to Required Addons UOMODS_A3 3CB Optionals Updated ITC Air Updated United Operations Mission Framework Module - Live Testing UOMAPS_A3 Rosche Updated
  15. This poll requires a 3/4 vote lasting two weeks, ending on 2018-11-02. This poll was put up at regular request.
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