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  1. Mapocalypse Pending Round 1 Aliabad PodagorskPR FATASchwemlitzSchwemlitz WinterThirskThirsk WinterVT5 Pending Review Diyala - Updated, still under consideration but not removed at this time.Karia Kidal
  2. Opposing for Multiple Reasons. Core issue is Charter 1.1. User is unable to preform ANY duty within the community in a mature and professional manner. User is unable to not joke around at every opportunity. I strongly object to this user being put in any position that requires maturity or professionalism as they are unable to filter or give a strong presence other than joking around. Much less treating any issue with any level of maturity - race/sex/gender and other joke missions the user has made in the past. The inability for this user to be mature is not someone that I will support in being a GM representative in the community. EDIT - Due to Officer level counter - this is now an informal poll between officers lasting 1 week.
  3. CO51_SBCT01_BreakingIn_HC_v1.Takistan Missing SQF ai_drivers.sqf - Hangs entire server. Mission must not have been tested per mission maker requirements.
  4. ACRE2 Mid Week Hotfix/Update 1012 -> 1015 - [Improvement] Start speaking on push-to-talk in Zeus (without separate push-to-talk button). - [Fix(proper)] Zeus near radios script error (fucking SQF order - brackets are the solution). - [Fix] Zeus unable to hear players on ships. - [Fix] Units not updating in intercom (multiple intercom vehicle behaviour). - [Fix] Intercom and Rack persistence for JIP players. - [Fix] Duplicate PTT 3 keybind string.
  5. CBA & RHS Updates ACRE2 Dev Update - 1012 1010 -> 1011 - [New] Rewrite of volume control. - [New] Default radio volume setting. - [New] Customisation of new transmit notification. - [New] Display spatial (ear) setting when transmitting. - [Update] Set Terrain Loss Coefficient back to 1.0 (there are other models now to tweak the radio range). - [Remove] Unused or default config entries for Racks and Intercoms. - [Improvement] Display frequency on single channel radios in ACE interaction menu. - [Improvement] Update load order for Contact (Enoch) update. - [Improvement] Make C++ Vector a template class. - [Improvement] Use `inline` instead of MSCV `__inline`. - [Improvement] Disconnect aircraft racked radios from intercom. - [Improvement] Use new public API for CBA Settings (`CBA_fnc_addSetting`). - [Improvement] Disable MSCV unused "safe" function warnings. - [Improvement] Use tags for TeamSpeak metadata. - [Improvement] Move Livonia (Enoch) compatibility to main mod folder. - [Improvement] Support reserved keys in radio and intercom dialogs. - [Improvement] Description of switch intercom keybinds. - [Improvement] Allow some (CBA) notifications to be skipped. - [Improvement] Make ITWOM and ITM models thread safe. - [Improvement] Hide intercom infantry phone icon if there are no usable actions. - [Improvement] Separated GSA connect and disconnect events into functions. - [Improvement] Convert C++ variables to basic types. - [Improvement] Streamline "Open Intercom GUI" key name. - [Improvement] Near radios now exclude rack objects (includes only regular radios). - [Improvement] Use ACE3 `getInteractionDistance` for infantry phone interaction (support for large vehicles). - [Optimisation] Continued general cleanup - Core, Signal, RPC and Mode components. - [Fix] Adjust description when plug-in failed to be copied in order to match text button. - [Fix] Intercom and rack configuration warnings. - [Fix] Vehicle Info UI after Contact (Enoch) update. - [Fix] ITM radio model shadowed static variable. - [Fix] SEM 52SL hearable transmissions. - [Fix] SEM 70 hearable transmissions. - [Fix] Bent antenna icon when prone or crouch in automatic antenna alignment mode. - [Fix] Intercom Work Knob not resetting transmission mode on disable. - [Fix] Zeus position variable. - [Fix] Badly formatted Spanish translation. - [Documentation] Default config entries for Racks and Intercom. 1011 -> 1012 - [Fix] Fucking stupid underscore (no radio transmissions on all radios except AN/PRC-343). - [Fix] Racks not being properly added to intercom in multiplayer. - [Fix] AN/PRC-77 typo in variable name. - [Fix] Config warning for rack short name length (4 -> 5).
  6. Minor Update Teamspeak 3.3 is now supported. ACRE Change Log Summary ADDED: [New] Intercom UI for AN/VIC3 - Full Functional Crew Station (FFCS) by RanTa [New] Ground Spike Antenna (GSA) by Raspu and antenna bag model by Ranta. [New] Support for other signal models. In addition to LOS multipath, the following modes are available through CBA Settings: Arcade mode, LOS Simple and Longley-Rice Signal Propagation Model. [New] Improved Zeus Integration by Brett: spectator mode, hearing nearby players and external radios and talking from camera location [New] Manual and automatic Antenna Direction Alignment [New] ACRE2 Radio Box by RanTa. [New] Intercom accent functionality. [New] Intercom Push-To-Talk (PTT) functionality. [New] Intercom Override functionality. [New] Editor preview for OE-303. [New] Contact Livonia (Enoch) terrain compatibility (optional component - load optionals/@acre_sys_contact). [New] Spectator radio API functions: addSpectatorRadio, removeSpectatorRadio and removeAllSpectatorRadios. [New] CBA Setting factor for AI revealing. CHANGED: [Update] Change default radio keys and streamline key names and descriptions (now uses PTT buttons instead of last active radio). [Update] Use CBA notifications instead of ACE or Vanilla Hints. [Update] Translations affecting all ACRE2 components. [Remove] Features and API functions deprecated in 2.5.0. [Remove] Rack ACE3 interactions which are available through intercom UI. [Remove] Redundant TeamSpeak API from 2.6.4. IMPROVED: [Improvement] General C++ readability and enhancement. [Improvement] TeamSpeak plugin auto-copy (cleanup and enhancements). [Improvement] Rewritten extension to generate fakeWRP. [Optimisation] Move Antenna Parsing to CBA Pre-Start (faster mission load). [Optimisation] Peak function calculation on terrain PBOs that do not include peak information. [Optimisation] Full cleanup pass on the C++ ACRE2 Shared library. [Optimisation] Continued significant cleanup throughout ACRE2 - Data, Core, PRC152, PRC117F, PRC77, SEM52SL and SEM70 components. [Optimisation] Convert intercom system to CBA Hashes. FIXED: [Fix] Reveal to AI on headless clients and dedicated servers. [Fix] API function setPressetChannelField. [Fix] API functions getRadioVolume and setRadioVolume were disabled. [Fix] Integer type overflow in C++. [Fix] "Give Intercom" action. [Fix] CBA XEH recompilation of External and Signal Map components. Additional Updates Pending
  7. Minor Update Teamspeak 3.3 is now supported. ACRE2 1001 -> 1007 - [Added] Rewritten extension to generate fakeWRP. - [Added] Contact Livonia (Enoch) Terrain compatibility (optional component). - [Update] TeamSpeak 3.3 plugin support (API 23) and backwards compatibility (API 19-22). - [Improvement] TeamSpeak plugin auto-copy (cleanup and enhancements). - [Improvement] Use CBA notifications instead of ACE or Vanilla Hints. - [Fix] SEM 70 UI not scaling properly. - [Fix] Intercom volume not exceeding 1.0 - new maximum is 1.25. - [Fix] Intercom UI not scaling properly. - [Fix] "Give Intercom" action. - [Fix] Zeus Ears action not being added properly. - [Fix] Intercom UI keybind allowing indefinite opening of more intercoms. - [Fix] Intercom UI availability in the vehicle that doesn't have the intercom. - [Cleanup] Remove rack ACE3 interactions which are available through intercom UI. - [Cleanup] General improvements in sys_prc343. - [Cleanup] General improvements in sys_prc148. UOMODS_A3 deth_bw_retextures deth_can_retextures Anizay - Minor Update
  8. Hotfix Pending Hotfix - 3CB Factions Hotfix Pending Hotfix - Diyala Update Tin - C7 Update Blackhawk - BreifingKit Update ACRE Rollback/Stability Do not update your Teamspeak version at this time.
  9. ACRE2 - Dev Build Update 998 -> 1001 - [Added] Longley-Rice Signal Propagation Model - [Added] LOS Simple Propagation Model - [Added] Zeus Integration by Brett - [Added] Intercom UI (FFCS) by RanTa - [Added] Groundspike Antenna (GSA) - [Added] Global Mobilization Weferlingen Terrain compatibility (optional component) - [Added] Editor previews for ACRE2 Ammo Box and OE-303 - [Improvement] C++ readability and enhancement - [Fix] Integer type overflow UOMODS_A3 Minor Update to UO Framework WL_Trench - Addition Secondary Dependencies Added 3CB Factions - Addon Addition Anizay - Map Addition Grad Trenches - Addon Addition Ragdoll - Addon Addition Redd N' Tanks Update UOMAPS_A3 The following maps are pending removal from the mod pack. Aliabad - To be removed within the next month. Diyala - To be Updated and or considered for Removal within 3 months. Karia - To be considered for removal within 3 months, pending use/updates. Kidal - To be considered for removal within 3 months, pending use/updates. Podagorsk - To be considered for removal within 3 months. PR FATA - To be removed within the next month. Schwemlitz - To be removed within the next month. Schwemlitz Winter - To be removed within the next month. Thirsk - To be removed within the next month. Thirsk Winter- To be removed within the next month. VT5 - To be removed within the next month.
  10. This poll was put up at Regular Request This poll requires a 2/3 vote lasting 1 week.
  11. Feels like a DLC, the map is very nice. I am unsure what to make of the rest of it. If the map and assets come to the base game, I would look towards using those assets. Putting a forced cost requirement on those resources towards the larger community may be unfeasible. If Map content comes the base game by way of lite/base game update, expect many new updates for Rosche and other maps to use this new content. Expecting people to pay for it to just continue to play here would be rough given the game's age and participation short of a community poll. Historically we have only required Expansion 1 to participate within the community. Secondary DLC has been largely optional.
  12. UOMods_A3 Framework Updates Deathstrike's Canadian Reskins/Textures Piespy's UH1H. 2019-05-03 Hotfix for CBA_A3 & Deathstrikes BW Reskins.
  13. CUP Updates 3CB Updates RKSL Addition - From Prior 3CB_ACE_WEAPONS Requirements changing.
  14. I am interested in listening to things underwater!
  15. Restructure of UOMODS_A3 to comply with Steam Workshop Licensing issues that supersede historical licence agreements of authors and APL-SA. Server will be offline for the next day until most of these issues are resolved. Update/2019-03-26 The following content has been subdivided out of UOMODS_A3 to prevent possible licence conflicts between Steam Workshop distribution and prior licence agreements under APL-SA, or individual authors. 3CB Optional - Many Reddntanks ITC Air and Land The following content has been removed from the modpack due to inability to resign or securely use on the server with current public distribution. A3 Paddle DBO Bikes The following content has been included in the modpack collection RHS - SAF At present the first pass of UOMODS_A3 is done, but the server is still not brought back up until a second pass is done. The following content still needs to be reviewed. ACE - Directly approved redistribution, but new dependency cross conflicts with split optional files from other modpacks. ACE Optionals GST M16A2 NIA/HLC Weapons NIA/HLC ACE Compatibility Files RuPal's Weapon Holding SKN/NBC Units & XCAM Editor Upgrade Object Placement compatibility. Update - 2019-03-28 UOMAPS_A3 Rosche 1.2x Updated to Most Current. The following content is pending an update or change in the future. UOMAPS_A3 UOMODS_A3 - Above Listed Addons UOACE_A3 - Now Broken due to cross compatibility requirements pushed by external addons. ACE Public will now be used - but local overrides may exist by way of UOMODS_A3 ACRE2 - DEV 997 -> 998 - [Added] ACRE2 radio box. - [Added] Intercom accent functionality. - [Added] Support for other signal models. Arcade and LOS Multipath. - [Improvement] Display radio number in front of ACE interact. - [Improvement] Allow Helicopter Gunner Copilot to access racks - [Improvement] Change default radio keys and streamline key strings - [Cleanup] Cleanup of deprecated features for 2.7.0. - [Cleanup] General improvements in sys_data. - [Cleanup] General improvements to sys_core. - [Cleanup] Preparation for intercom GUI: convert the system to CBA Hashes. - [Fix] Reveal to AI on headless and dedicated servers. - [Fix] Case insensitive intercom configuration. - [Fix] API function setPressetChannelField. - [Fix] API functions getRadioVolume and setRadioVolume are enabled. - [Debug] Added debug output to signal return functions.
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