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  1. We were always meant to be a multi-gaming community. I would suggest we foster a new game the community can get behind if ARMA is no longer fun for everyone. Subgroups like BMS thrive others can also.
  2. I would be interested in getting back into ED. Its been a while though so got some rust.
  3. You have been in missions I have lead and know I don't subscribe to the "rat loveresq" briefing, but nor do I not give detailed commanders intent. You can also review every ban I have ever filed as an officer. I am not saying like the bans for mistakes or accidents. But we have polls to remove the ban for people like meinke. The most disruptive player we have ever had. That was put up by regulars...there were people who were contrarian just to be dissidents. So the founders, most of them, dropped regular status and moved on to places they could enjoy their free time. At the end of the day we were all volunteers.
  4. Look back in time at the people allowed to become regulars. At all the times when we wanted to have people banned for the very actions stated in this thread and the virtual SJWs fought us on it. Look back at the complaining of WACs, and proper briefings. Look back at your own decisions (not you King, general statement) and you will see why you have the community you currently have. You want tactical, mature and organized play where people care... follow UOAFs example.
  5. Not really, this name has history and that is why we named it Raider. It is named after Jimmy Doolittle's raiders who hit Japan after the Pearl attacks.
  6. That is not true, there is a gym in the air memorial park next to my headquarters building.... Sp many dependent fucking kids around lol.
  7. Don't quote me please as its been awhile but I think TMS right will unlock the target.
  8. Umm no brother. While I am no fan of Erdogan a stable Turkey is needed right now.
  9. I am sure 1 month is real fair. We should totally allow a bigot to return in a month cause you know he learned his lesson being gone from a gaming community for one month. No, that is not reality. Get your head out of your collective asses and see the big picture and how this makes us look as a community.
  10. Have we fallen so far as a community that we cannot even police ourselves or take another regulars feelings into account when they are targeted by a guest here. I mean after seeing this ban/poll and Overlords GM removal I have to say that is it a crying shame the community some of us built almost 6 years ago has fallen so far from it's origins. This should not even be a poll, a officer should have banned this idiot immediately. Get your shit together UO. Don't allow a small group of dissidents steal your community. Real sad to see something I help built go to shit. If I could vote for this, he would be gone. We clearly have set a precedence for this in the past. It doesn't matter if he made it or not Yugo and you know it.
  11. Holy balls we killed one yesterday too lol. That was funny. https://zkillboard.com/kill/54559906/
  12. You guys still playing? I am down in null. Pretty chill dudes.
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