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  1. I still like to think it wasnt as bad as we make it out to be. Bad yes, horrible...no. I just think people had different ideals and ways of doing stuff and then UO was formed. Wasnt it called Operation P.A.N.D.A. or something like that.....wow long time ago. And like Chief stated....Impy made the wheels go round and round!!! Man is a legend and should never be taken for granted.
  2. My brother is doing his as well. Might want to take a look at http://www.noodletools.com/. Might not be what your looking for but I know it works really nice, he and I both have used it.
  3. Godhand, not singling your statement out, but more to do so to give context to my questions in general. Why is this called a Standard Operation Procedure then; please help me define what SOP means to rules? What happens if you set a precedence of not following SOPs; Does that not make other SOPs vulnerable to user discretion that create issues such as these?
  4. Congrats on the three years!! The road has been bumpy from time to time, but its amazing where UO is currently!! Great work to everyone!
  5. Congrats on the upgrade....now finish school and start playing!!
  6. Perusing through the 10 pages of comments.....I kinda like this idea. Makes me feel that everyone will be one the same page once the GM clicks us into the mission. Seems as though this is a good step forward for basic soldiering skills for everyone here at UO including myself! I vote yes to higher standards of play; it will make all of us better players in the end!
  7. Honestly, if you want something back in, take the time to test, re-test, document, test, document, and then approach a regular and test again. Like others have stated they are removed for a reason. The GSOs have done a splendid job so far you should thank them sometime!
  8. Good info I will have to try this out.
  9. Movie would be Jurassic Park and the TV series would be the first four seasons of 24, and even season 4 is pushing it. Last three were kinda stretchy it.
  10. I feel that this is a good change for the SOP. Anyone who takes a role in this community is stepping up for a task (job) that is strictly voluntary and in doing so should try and put the best face forward for the Community in which they represent. We have many guests that flow through the gates here and first impressions last a long time. Ensuring that our Regulars, Members, and elected Officers act appropriately when they are "working" should have been understood, but I like how now the SOP defines those parameters.
  11. My question is, if AT&T was ready to match this only hours later, why are we still lagging so far behind? Or does it only appear that way?
  12. I would just like an island that I can pronounce the names of the cites besides butchering the name all the time.
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