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  1. I enjoyed this video ZZEZ. I was pretty surprised by the women fighters. I didnt know the Kurds supported equality like that.
  2. Reference this picture Right click on Arma 3.... Click properties, then click the Betas tab. Select dev build in the drop down and wait for automatic update... This worked for me ** This got me to .77 however I havent tried pws to play on the server yet
  3. The original waldo170... check my steam id, get on my level bro
  4. Just delete your System32 folder. Works every time. I plan to attend, should be fun.
  5. If I could vote, it would be yes. Yes I may not have regular status or I have been awol for the past 1 1/2 - 2 years so I figure my opinion doesn't mean jack to most. But I believe this is the first big step towards elevating the quality of game-play here at UO. Since the beginning, UO has held a standard of game-play that was tactical but still very accessible to every gamer. Yes there are a lot of people who already know their shit, or people who knwo some but want to learn more, but then there might be a few who dont know much and just don't care to learn. Which is unacceptable. If the player doesn't know, then the player should be educating themselves. Or seeking it from other experienced players and/or the UOTC. Hellhound's guide is available to everyone on this forum, which you have to have an account on to play on the servers (unless I'm mistaken). So there really is no excuse for not knowing what a wedge is or how to use ACRE. As Azzwort said : From what I have gathered this amendment is enforcing a self-educating policy. Furthermore if the player ignores this they are subjected to the option of UOTC training or not playing at UO. +1 from me
  6. I'm interested in that BF3 key. Still got it?
  7. Name: waldo170 Positions: SOF, FireTeam Leader, Vehicle Crewman, Resupply and Logistics Staff: Sure
  8. waldo170 special skills-Pilot, Mortars, SL, FTL, Medic, Artillery coordinator/FAC willing to lead? yes I will be able to make the event day and if not i will inform Fusionpoo or the Platoon Leader ASAP (calling out of work for this one) Extra- I like traffic lights?
  9. My point is I checked in from time to time as to keep that status. Im here for the summer and plan on being more active so I would like to keep my regular status.
  10. I am indeed at shacktac now. I was hoping to always have a place here as I do check in. I have a part time job that however occupies most of my time during the week. I do enjoy the other games you guys play here that are easy to get in on. If I did want to play with you guys again actively that would just mean me signing up to be a regular again. Ive been here with you guys since before UO and I dont ever plan on forgetting this place or to stop coming back. Edit: Summer vacation is here as well so I will be on here more often.
  11. CH-53? 99 ft long but that doesn't include the rotors like the MI-26 specs do (131 ft long with rotors turning)
  12. On the original topic. I dont think people are rage quitting, rather, they dont want to be associated with the name UO.
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