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  1. Just add 4 onto your X52 Pro and it is an X56 Pro, even better than an X56. Simple math dude..... Q.E.D
  2. So I got it working. As you mentioned I had an older ACE and ACRE installed, BUT I didn't load them. They were loaded automatically when I clicked on the server to join, along with all the other UO stuff. Either way, works now. Thanks!
  3. Yes, this is what I was saying that I am using the steam launcher and letting it "setup mods" to join the server. Why then would it be loading @ACE and @ACRE if they are not a part of the servers required mod list? I am at work now but will double check to see if those are manually added to the mod list for some reason when I get home. Thanks.
  4. Here is a screenshot of the error message before and after joining the server https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-kLliR1o3HuWVF1-BG1U1pAUlUvRPtGG?usp=sharing
  5. Not sure if there is or where there is a tech support forum anymore so I'm posting in general, apologies if incorrect! Using Steam launcher to join the server I click on server 1, click setup mods, enter the password and A3 loads up. I then get an error message saying some of my .pbo's are not signed by a key accepted by this server. I have had this a bunch of times back in arma2 days, and it was always because I accidentally left unsigned stuff activated when joining. However if you look at the location of the aforementioned .pbo's below, they are actually in a hidden folder (!workshop). I have never seen this setup before. Any ideas? Below is an example location. "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@ace\addons\EXAMPLE_NAME_GOES_HERE.PBO
  6. Son of a bitch, well done man. Only SLIGHTLY jelly Will be interesting to see what is actually different in the real version to the DCS version. Congrats!
  7. Hey. Haven't changed any settings in arma3sync however when I click "Check for addons" it gives me an error (see attached image). Any ideas?
  8. Yeah sorry for zombie threading. o7
  9. Update for anyone that cares I now have all my parts except the GPU and a stick. Am going to put it all together sometime in the next two weeks. Will probably have my GPU end of April , and a stick the month after. Gonna go for a 1070, bit of room for future proofing there! Question about sticks though: I used to play on an X52 PRO. Never had any issues with it (for aprox 4 years use). They recently got acquired by madcatz(?) so apparently there is no support for issues with saitek products right now. Is that true? I like the X55 but it lacks a dual trigger (which sounds kinda petty, but I really liked that dual trigger) and I prefer the layout of the X52. Any thoughts on other sticks?
  10. Holy crap....this thread is still going...... [Video] [/Video]
  11. You made some 'premium' meeshuns.
  12. Heh, moved continents (I'm on the way to becoming a Canadain) and had a son September 2015, so it will be a little while before I have time for online gaming again! That said, I want to make a build in the next few months and relearn my DCS suite. I used to play on a GTX 570, so I guess I can live with the performance of a 1060 (which just falls below that of a 980, or so benchmarks show). What do you mean by, "We are still dealing with slav developers and -15 FPS penalties per patch". They keep screwing things up with every patch!?
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