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  1. If you can't take your own advice what good are you.
  2. I have it. Let me know on Steam whenever.
  3. All too often I've just left work to make gaming times, if your an Ossifer (<-- On purpose), like Max said, just arrange for your platoon to have 'Virtual Training Time" and then submit a briefing note. There are enough studies to support.....In my case however, work is an easy ditch, it's the wife that usually destroys my schedule cause....ugh...........rhymes with ditch......
  4. Air Force? Get a Hair Cut. Have you ever had a blister? A hang-nail! Take off a week of work for your injury. Hotels do not count as the field. Kill Yourself. Welcome to UO.
  5. Zedic


  6. Welcome. There's a lot of ex-military and active that play here, I'm thinking like 20 or so.... from all around the world so your in good company. A lot of us has been around too, so we can do some story swapping in game while the Arm-Chair Generals make the wrong call; then, politely un-fuc....... "correct' them. To anyone else reading this, get a job.
  7. Voting Yes based on testimony from others and we need get a female perspective from time to time instead of the consistent sausage-fest.
  8. I'm sure by the title, this has peaked your interest. So yesterday, the Wife and I decided to go on a drive as I was on leave. We went to some rural town and bought some crap from their bakery -She bought some crap from their bakery- which she figured was going to be enjoyable. As we began the 50 minute drive back towards Kingston, the Wife breaks into her new-bought goodies and hands me a few choice items to munch on during the drive. One of these, was a sausage roll. #1. Now I've had some before and to be honest this tasted no different, so I scarfed it down without a second thought. Kept on driving but began to feel a little whoozie..... So we get to the mall. Then I had to do what dudes do. Follow their wife like a creepy unhappy disgusted person that would take a bullet to the head to save a cockroach. Then we leave. Note the amount of crap I'm saving you regarding the mall. We arrive home, I feel a sense of relief and retire to my computer, finding a large number of you about to enjoy what I was hoping would be great night of ARMA 3. The Wife is also in support of this endeavour and makes me some dinner, brings me some food..... #2. This fo-cker was heated up with some mustard on the side. Jaynus and I were discussing my graphics issues, I was eating and enjoying. Then reinstalled some drivers, computer went off and on a bunch........then it was done! And so was I. Some how, that whoozie turned into a gut wrenching nauseated explosive mess from both ends of my body. I cursed the sausage roll and the the wife for this gluttonous piece of crap for about 2 minutes, then I was condemned to the porcelain God. At some point I think she dragged me (note the love) to the bedroom and I awoke on the dog bed. My apologies to those who thought I got wife aggro'ed, but I'm pretty sure I got food poisoning or SHE did it. Make sure your all on tonight. Thanks.
  9. I still run a dedicated of what we had on the server..... I've just been building my stuff; the station is intact.
  10. Another year goes by. For those that are unaware, up here in Canada we celebrate the life and loss of our heroes on November 11th at 1100 AM, akin to the end of The Great War. Canadians everywhere share in the memories of their beloved family, friends, or share with those that have experienced the loss of a soldier in today's age. Whether the casualties have been under the Leaf, the Stars and Stripes, the Union, it does not matter. All are lamented in the memories of the those living. Today I hadn't seen a post about our version of a national wake; so I figured I would make one. As a veteran of the Afghan war (I call it that because we are no longer involved at a nationally recognized level), I have lost several of my friends and comrades in the perils that is the nature of a profession in arms. I think of those that had died in conflict, and not to reflect on the details of their death, but the details of their life. The latter of the two is significantly more difficult than the former. With death there are simple facts; this happened, then this happened, then it was all over. Period. However to be forced to recognize the life, more importantly their life and your relationship, you don't dwell on the "This happened, then this happened", you remember the feelings as well, whether they be joy or sorrowful. This brings on a whole new level of remembrance that brings justice to the day. So, as many of you bow your heads and think of someone or something during that 'moment of silence' just to fill your thoughts, do me a fucking favor. Look into your own life, look at someone you know and lost (military or not) and remember what they made you feel. Don't dwell on the act of their death, don't dwell on their life. Pick some experience that you shared, it could have been a conversation or when you two climbed a mountain, and remember the feelings that you shared with them. To me, this is remembering. Anyone can read a book for facts, anyone can turn to the evening news for the play-by-play. Take it upon yourself to go beyond remembering and feel something, then I will turn the table and say "Thank You For Your Service", instead of you to mine. I'll close with the Act of Remembrance: "They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, We Will Remember Them We Will Remember Them." Thanks, Zedic
  11. I'm in. I was there from the beginning. I remember how God awfully painful this crap was and how we had to endure your shenanigans. Welcome back, and bring it on, Bitch. We shall embrace this opportunity. Shall we all..... Kill Ourselves? Specs: I7 920@ 2.67GHz 2.67GHz 6GB RAM GTX 570 X 2 - SLI Audio: Logitech G39 Headset, 7.1 Digital Surround Connection: 20Mbs 50 NA ping.
  12. Heres a link to the server advertisement I wrote up last night on LiF community forum. http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/in-need-of-population-join-us-east-srv-mature-gamers-t3452/ It has all the info there.
  13. If you guys would like, some friends and I have a server. It's Brand new (less than a week) and is perfect for starting out. We are building away and trying to make a city. If you join, your free to play as you feel whether its grief or prosper. Bring your friends! Skill cap 3000, normal progression. I'm trying to help this server grow. Right now, no hackers or anything; active admins, and its wide open to start whatever, wherever. To join the server (I can't remember the name) just put the following in the console "~" joinToRemoteServer("","") That'll do it. DISCLAIMER: This is not attempting to recruit or disband people, this is just a server opportunity. I even play on this server while on UO TS3. Thanks.
  14. Overlord, I know as of late you've been feeling burnt out and getting aggravated. I get it, we've all been there, Lord knows I'd wish I could put in more time to make a positive change, but I can only do so much. I never congratulate people on becoming a GM because now your the enemy, but I will make an exception in this case. You've done the community a service in the time you have stepped up to the plate as a Regular and I'd like to thank you. At the same time, I feel I must burden you with a request. Try to embody the voice of Militant -since he has a fairly deep, soothing and relaxing voice- when you are a GM and don't allow the little tiffs to come off the computer screen with you. Wash away the frustration of this place and focus on the positives. Be fair. Just because someone broke the rules, consider the context (this is not advocating chaos) and whether there was any real harm. Of course, "Never Pass A Fault", but that swinging Ban Hammer can sometimes make bigger cracks then putting in a few nails, sometimes you make a seal, sometimes you make break in the foundation. Just be fair and try not to abuse. *NO THIS IS NOT MY ATTEMPT TO SWAY FAVOR AND RULE THE SERVER. I already do.* Lastly young lad, failing anything else and it becomes too much, remember the "Zedic Adage"....... Kill Yourself
  15. Mini-update was done in the past hour.
  16. I'm sorry. It was my fault and I will fix it.
  17. Ok, but for LAVs/Mech vehicles, when the speaker is going and the engine is on you can barely hear the radio unless the ramp is down, and you are behind the car. So for instance, if we were all mounted in an armored vehicle, can we hear the radio emanating from like....the front or back of the troop compartment? Then when we dismount, can it no longer be heard over other ambience? That's what I was trying to get at.
  18. Can this be used on a rack radio and then everyone in the car can hear whats going on? That way boys in the back will STFU if the squak box is going....
  19. I started out on the Clarinet but once I had a clue, I jumped onto the Violin. Now I usually serenade the family during XMas with traditional carols or friends at a social with some celtic/Newfie/fun fiddle stuff. Don't bring it out too often anymore with life and all that jazz (no pun intended).
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