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  1. Form scribbled on with illegible cursive and spattered with coffee.
  2. My entire squad was killed around me and we had enemies danger close. I threw the grenade at what I thought at the time was shooting me. People were shooting past me at enemies I guess. I was immediately informed of my mistake and scolded by someone. (Understandable) At that point we met up with friendlies and someone decided to call it. I have been killed by many bad or confused nades. About a week ago someone killed me and even today in another mission. I don't feel like it's necessary to publicly confront someone after a match for accidental tks or wounds or poor gameplay in general. I understand wanting to know why you died and who it was especially if it was friendly fire. But I was kind of embarrassed by the way I was asked about it like it should have been really obvious that there were friendlies in that direction and I'm totally incompetent because I didn't know about it. Yea it was stupid I guess to throw a nade right then. Not knowing the position of friendlies. And I was sarcastic and dismissive instead of just saying it was accidental. I apologise for that. Anyway, I don't think that old ban really reflects how I am on the server these days. I always try to follow orders and make the game more fun for others by being a good teammate. Healing people when they are wounded. Carrying extra ammo or equipment. Calling out contacts or giving useful information to higher ups. I don't claim to be an excellent player but in the future I will try to be more informed and ask questions when i jip rather than react haphazardly to a possible contact. And I'll be apologetic when I kill or wound someone.
  3. this last ones for jimbo. love you buddy
  4. arma. count me in. ill probably be late. on a terrible schedule.
  5. I saw people today on the server playing. I'll try to play more when I see people on. I remember I used to get people to join me when I did CO-OPS alone. (with success I might add(i know straight blasphemy)) The problem is that nobody really wants to play by themselves. Maybe a few of us, if we are willing to play, could go sit in the primary channel to rally people. That's how it used to work.... you get a handful of people in there and suddenly everyone is like HEY THE PRIMARY IS LIT! LETS GO! Another issue is: what mission or game mode do we have that one person can start and have fun with, that others can join? we simply dont support that style of game play. It's not milsimmy enough for people not to complain about. The only option is to seed the server. Post that you are going to play on the forums and try to get some people involved. (might help) It might take a little organization but the individuals who want to play need to make a big effort as opposed to just waiting till there is a scheduled event. We gotta just sit in the primary or waiting channel and just congregate there.. like the old days. we gotta be hungry for it. I for one am willing to play more regularly if others are too. I'll try to seed more too. I'll even try to lead if it will get more people interested. Even if its just for the meme of seeing me lead. YEAH ARMA !
  6. at the moment. no. i mean you can still play 2.6, which is pretty neat, a few missions to do but no ship buying or upgrading yet. public release of 3.0 probably weeks away at most. big backers get to be part of this testing phase but not us normies. ship insurance will be based on in game currency and as far as i know you wont be able to purchase anything (outside art, ship skins, ect) with real money. no subscriptions either. just get the aurora basic game package. itll probably be less expensive than the game when it comes out. dont worry about getting a super great ship. i know some of you would rather just throw money at a game if its good but hold off on that. the more money you spend the more critical you will probably be of the tortoise like development, and unless you wanna closely follow whats going on you will get over hyped and then bored of it.
  7. they opened it up to streamers. plenty of 3.0 action on twitch if you guys are interested. https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Star%20Citizen
  8. good to hear its as fun as people had hoped. i dont think it will be another few months till us normies will get our hands on it. ive heard talk of 3.0 before xmas but well see.
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