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  1. Nice job, one thing I see might be needed is a safe approach angle, perhaps a corridor. Looks like when it is dropped in the enemy might be able to immediately see you through the windows. Might also be more complicated, but a version with targets inside. And I hope there is a control tower in that mix for stair-work.
  2. A colossal waste of money, and I hope Canada doesn't follow it down. But it will fly and will do a decent job. But man, I would have ramped up the F22 and supplemented that plane with old fighters for the amount of bucks sunk into this. Next fighter will be a UAV, and hopefully won't need to be as complicated a mess as this to equal it.
  3. Knock it off. This is real suffering and real problems here.
  4. Solid build and appropriate budget, but I would get a Plextor or Sandisk Extreme II instead of the 840. And go for a 256, the 120gb range will get cramped real quick. The i7 is debateable, but the hyperthreading issue with arma is a bit of a reason to stay with the i5. Get non-K if your never overclocking. Get a 9-series board instead of the 8 series, just to futureproof it a bit, and as mentioned don't overdo it, but consider the improved audio chips and networking of the gigabytes and MSI (I use an MSI, its great) Go B95 if your after a budget board, H97 for upper end, Z97 needed for overclocking. Drop to 8GB instead of 16 if you need to move cash to other components. Don't get the green, go Blue or a Seagate. Stick with a 780 or 780ti as mentioned. 750W PSU should do fine for this. Since this is a long term build, unequivocally go with windows 8.1, the 7 Luddites need to just deal with it. Right-click desktop>Personalize>Change Desktop Icons> Check the damn boxes and all will be fine.
  5. ACRE was the same position and being endorsers and leaders on that mod has been a net benefit to this community, I have no problem being a partner with RHS. But that is simply my opinion, I didn't make the poll, but I understand why it's here and am interested where the community sits on this. I'm not going to be all upset if this fails, but it will be symptomatic of larger issue that we all know is there and will need to navigate a solution to.
  6. Mods in arma are never really "finished", so I'm not sure what sort of benchmark people are expecting here. Anyways, this is RHS here that is the subject of the poll, not some of the numerous other mods I would indeed have issue with being premature about.
  7. ARMA 3 still is a beta in a lot of respects, if the mandate is to "wait for testing" then we are all simply kicking the can down the road to the detriment of the community existing and new. If that is the attitude towards any mods already in wide use by arma3 communities, then it's no wonder that attitude carries over to playing arma3 in general. (Wait until they get US units, 80's units, blah blah blah) I play arma3 on other community servers because they support a lot of up to date game modes. How many a2 mods were actively tested and developed in this community? Why can't A3 aspire to the same methodology here? It seemed to do good for the community then. In short, inaction is killing the A3 engagement of this community and like it or not, A3 is the succession plan for UO. Whether or not you currently want to play A3, it is imperitive you support it if you wish to support UO beyond the lifespan of A2. That support needs to be a part of the culture now, not "when it finished testing".
  8. I took piano as a kid, played bass and synth in a band as a teen, but as the techie guy, my real skill and "instrument" is a mixing console, monitors, and rack gear, so I have considered myself an mixing engineer, acoustic theory enthusiast rather than a musician. I've got a Masters in Audio production, but not much career options for that where I live if you don't have the ability to self-produce (I'm and engineer, not an artist!). But I'm happy how things turned out, I hated dealing with the "talent", and my current profession trajectory is far more fulfilling.
  9. I've been scarce this past month, my RL 2nd career as an elected official has put me through the ringer over the last month and I'm burnt out. That and with the end of Windows XP my business has been swamped people wistfully looking for a magic-bullet antivirus that will let them ignore the harsh reality. (hah!) I need to stop feeling guilty for not being able to do much FM duties, so I am going to LOA myself and permit myself to not think about it for a month. We are in more than good hands with the recent additional FM's, they are good, thoughtful guys and that is a great asset they bring. I'll be lurking out of habit, but just wanted to hang the FM cap on the hook for a bit.
  10. Cool gig, I would look into ubiquity UniFi gear, should have something that will work for this application without getting ridiculous on price: http://ubnt.com
  11. If this rig is planned for the fall, budget, buy and build it then. Waste of effort to plan so far in advance in this industry as it will change 6 times before then. Your lead time should be no more than 4 weeks from when you want to use it. The only things I would buy beforehand would be the case (but your tastes might change) the PSU, and the peripherals. Definitely not RAM, it might get cheaper, as it is brutal right now. As mentioned, a real overkill rig with suspect bang/buck value. I would get a better SSD if I was spending that much too.
  12. Sony's effort, valve has something in the skunkworks, but I really like this concept as far as the delivery method: http://www.roadtovr.com/infiniteye-technical-qa-high-fov-virtual-reality-work/ Lol, speak of the devil: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/opinion/game/3508716/oculus-pissed-here-are-6-facebook-free-virtual-reality-alternatives/
  13. Ugh, great way to stifle innovation is to saddle it with zynga crap. At least sony has a headset in the works to keep them honest. Faith damage -10hps
  14. First off, has everyone played a tabletop RPG? What did you find the most enjoyable about it? The least? Most: imagination train station! the telling of wholly unique and personal stories created (framework excepted) by your buds! Least: Min-max mentality, netagaming, storytelling only as good as the author's, getting stuck in the logistic weeds of the game design engine. Rewards rather than the experience being the only goal. Is there anything that you would bring from pen and paper RPGs to computer games? GM's are there to tell a narrative or communicate a message, these are not generic WAC's. The enjoyment of the experience lives and dies on the narrative. Do you think that A3's Zeus tool brings a similar level of control to a pen and paper GM? It is simply the sandbox, it is not really a ruleset or framework like 4th edition etc. But the available tools should be the right ones to tell a compelling story. If a GM wanted to recreate the Osama raid or sections of Blackhawk down, the tools should let him do that without breaking immersion for the players involved. Whether it is in realtime or pre-planned. A good GM and framework will not be predictible in engine execution to the end user. (IE, AI awareness only happens at X distance, metagaming) Is control over terrain vital for a good GM? Except for destruction of buildings, I don't think not having it breaks a milsim sandbox enough to be vital. Custom live3d editor placement of building and structures is real handy, changing the landmass is what I am talking about here as unneeded. Given the large differences between tabletop and video games, do you think that the two will ever be merged? Do you think that they have already? Until VR is predominant, GM god control of users has been done successfully, but market pressures really leave us with what we currently have. Do you have any interest in an MSO or longer campaign? God yes, I'd even love to GM them. It's is a visceral, unique experience for users that can be better than any scripted event written months and years ago by someone you never met. And if it sucks, all the tools are there to salvage it in real time. Would you be OK with replacing real weapons and vehicles with standins based on what is currently in the game? Yes, it's about the experience and the shared reward, not the perfect simulation of some iron-sight or sandbag. Would it be nice to do historical? Absolutely, but why not have great experiences with what is there now instead of looking at the half-empty glass? Is there any other open ended game or sandbox game that you find more interesting than arma? Civ 4, minecraft. I dislike RTS, so my options are much more limited. Essentially, no. Have you played any of the island life/RPG mods for arma? What was good and bad about them? Yes. Good: Make your own story, find your own aspect of the game to get enjoyment out of. Bad: engine exploiting to grief playerbase. Intent of players to grief players, be greedy, kinda breaks the realism as engine cannot dictate appropriate consequences for bad social behavior. Rampant. I blame TV, parenting and schooling.
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