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  1. Voting no for the same reason I stated in the discussion thread: there are people on the permaban list banned for non-in-game reasons who did things that I never ever want them unbanned for. I very much wish a lot of the people posting loud nos in this poll had posted in that thread so we wouldn't have to waste time with a poll like this.
  2. Gonna say what I said in the UOTC thread, though slightly differantly: 1. I'm not active, got busy with real life, it never really let up. Didn't even notice this until just now. Wish whoever put this up would talk to me. 2. Using my personal review thread is pretty dumb. If officers are not actively encouraging criticism of the things they do, and responding to it actively they're not doing their jobs. A few notes: In my time as PRO impulse and I wrote up a series of standards that improved events a great deal when they were followed. Other than just being busy, the second big reason for my inactivity was that the new officers, specifically Max and Headshot (while headshot was an officer, he's not now) did a lot of work towards basically telling our systems to fuck off and it became absolutely exhausting to police them after awhile. At that point I was basically an event overseer and babysitter. Kingslayer did a good job of going back to the actual standards but until recently he's basically been the UO WW2 officer. Fact is, I only try to be curt and "unprofessional" in threads that are not public because I do care about representing the community in public, just because I'm mean to you in private doesn't mean this is how I represent the community and shame on you for thinking so. We've done some great events at UO with other communities and the people I've spoken to have given us very positive feedback in regards to how we communicated and how things were conducted. In conclusion: I'm not active, I'm a bit of a dick, but I'm not gonna get mad or cause drama, vote yes if you feel I shouldn't be an officer. If I ever decide to be active again, please recognize I've put a lot of time and effort into this community, and I personally feel I've done good work during those active times. If you disagree with this, I'm on teamspeak every day and you've never talked to me about how bad my events are and how bad my organization is, so how am I supposed to improve if I'm getting no feedback?
  3. Meh this is fair. I dislike the use of my personal review thread as a reason considering that I've actively encouraged people to post in there instead of just trying to hide behind "hurr durr no review threads". I got busy with life and work, and it never really chilled out. But I'm not active, I literally didn't notice this until just now so what's being said is valid. Wish whoever put this up would talk to me though. But whatever.
  5. We will be playing with Kanium, Steel Beats on their servers. WHEN: [2019-05-19] 1800Z WHERE: Kanium Steel Beast Server / Kanium Teamspeak Server ( Server Information will be given on Event Day) EVENT DAY TIMELINE : 1700Z - 1720Z | Group up on United Operations Teamspeak Server 1721Z - 1730Z | Moving to Kanium Teamspeak 1730Z - 1755Z | Setting up Teamspeak whisper lists and connecting to Steel Beast Server 1800Z | Event Start To sign up, RSVP on the calendar & comment on the post below with this format: [Ingame Name/Interested Role (See role list)] For those who do not own a copy of Steel Beast, we have several extra copies for you to try Steel Beast out.
  6. More info HERE
  7. More info HERE
  8. In my experience people don't usually write positive comments in review threads. It's not unheard of, but again, it's hardly a good reason to vote no, especially when no one has had anything bad to say in nearly a year.
  9. The last post in the internal thread is nearly a year old, and the last post in the personal review thread is just quoting the posts from the internal thread, the most recent of which is nearly a year old. I feel as though you're giving Graham an unfair shake.
  10. The incident in question happened in July, and Graham ended up running the course he was having trouble scheduling, albeit a few hours later than planned, in spite of the personal scheduling conflict and the disagreement with Cath. He spoke his mind in response to Cath and I'm unsure how what he did and said is any different than the behavior of many regs, including myself and yourself in similar situations.
  11. Good member of the community, have had few if any negative interactions, works with me in UOTC. Yes.
  12. More info HERE
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  14. More info HERE
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