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  1. Yup! Good times. Nice work with A1B Gibsonm. Maybe I’ll remember what I’m doing next time so I can be a little more on top of things from the PL perspective.
  2. Very interested availability allowing
  3. Requesting the addition of the ITC RHS compatibility addon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1393769392 This allows for realistic use of the M109s.
  4. I would like to know about blacklist and mission makers’ ability to add things to it. Generally I agree we should have a solution for things that vanilla/ACE treat as impassable but I would want to promote a solution that doesn’t allow you to just climb over wire obstacles
  5. Was driver for Victor 4. First half of the mission was slowly advancing through a forest supporting the infantry. We generally had decent contact with our dismounts but was unclear what the disposition of the rest of the platoon was. Seems like we got somewhat sorted and were able to make a decent attack against the FOB which was lightly defended. We killed a few enemy infantry attempting to get around the flank. After the initial attack of the FOB I don't believe the platoon really ever consolidated. We ended pushing up unsupported and got nailed by an RPG26 fired from the trees on the south side of the ASR. Points to sustain: - The vehicles were well supported during the push to the FOB. I believe we took the objective with all Bradley's up. - The hasty fire plan onto the FOB was well executed. Improves: - It seemed like there was way too much focus on strongpoints (which the enemy wisely abandoned) while ignoring the key terrain that the enemy was actually occupying. - After the FOB was taken there was no effective consolidation (not aided by leadership casualties) and the vehicle infanty coordination such as it existed broke down. Vehicles moved up unsupported with predictable results.
  6. If you turn off the event cam and use 'T' to switch contacts then your camera won't move from your own boat. I've been playing a little bit, so far in my ~7 engagements I've sunk a handful of surface ships, nailed a diesel boat or two, killed an oscar and escorts, been mopped up by an alpha/victor group (those rocket torpedoes are scary), and pulled a Capt. Tupolov twice (torpedoed myself). So remember kids, minimum arming ranges are good things!
  7. Player: Baxstar12 A3 PID: N/A TS3 ID: TD2PEBj0uVepAgSYT8zcbNGOuKg= Length: Perm until Appeal Reason: Mic Spam Processor: azzwort
  8. So my video card has kicked the bucket and I'm looking to get a new one. My number one priority is something that plays nice with Arma but if also like to be able to run a AAA game with close to max settings from time to time. Price isn't really a concern, I'm willing to trade increased cost for some future proofing.
  9. It sounds like 'cardiac arrest' is a fig leaf for a more gamey revive system. If you receive a would which is instantly fatal or mortal you go into 'cardiac arrest' instead of just being dead. Doesn't sounds like something that happens in the course of being wounded if you play according to their first option where the system is off. In general I agree that as long as bleeding management is handled well then that encapsulates 80%-90% of what is required for a good simulation. My one point for improvement is that I would like to see more permanent consequences for receiving non-fatal wounds after you have been treated. I.e. permanent limp, impaired aiming, reduced stamina, etc due to limb injuries etc.
  10. Falcon

    Benzopila Terrain

    Awesome work. The micro-terrain is fantastic. One thing to keep in mind is that the clutter objects (like the high grass you have in your screenshots) don't render at range. If the terrain is perfectly flat or there are naturally short sight lines this doesn't really matter but if there's any elevation change at all it can be a big problem. How's the performance? One thing that helps a lot if you're having performance troubles is limiting the number of different types of objects that you are using. It makes things a little more difficult from a creative perspective but if you try to keep your palette of objects relatively small you can use lots of objects without too much problem. Also I would echo the sentiment that you should include more open space since open space ultimately drives a lot of tactical decisions. I think you could easily convert some of the lots of woods or uncultivated space that exist on your map into fields without much work and give the terrain a lot more usability.
  11. Falcon

    Benzopila Terrain

    Looks great! I haven't been around much but Zumorc/WA Lancer are good people to turn to if you have questions about lessons learned from Schwemlitz.
  12. Falcon

    Karia Terrain

    I'd reiterate what Lancer and Zumorc have said already in this thread about micro terrain and clutter objects. We learned a lot from doing Schwemltiz. Also if I ever get a free second I'd be more than happy to take a look at the terrain for you.
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