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  1. Need to go back to flight school.
  2. https://cbateam.github.io/CBA_A3/docs/files/network/fnc_globalExecute-sqf.html Function is deprecated, should probably use something else as it may be removed in the future. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd The variables that are passed are mentioned in the parameters portion of the wiki page. For your code field (codeCompleted) they are: target, caller, ID, arguments with target being _this select 0. Your teleport to MHQ script also does not need to be run globally as the only command that would require global effect already does so on it's own (setPos). The arguments passed to script parameter is to pass additional arguments, look at example 2 for more detailed comments. If you cannot get a hint to fire to tell your the contents of _this, you need to look at your conditions again as it is likely not firing.
  3. Have a Battlestar Dramatica, but only Impulse to infrequently crew it. Mostly just go fast with engineered Viper.
  4. I am not of the opinion there can be too many officers in an office. I think Max will do a good job. Yes.
  5. Give me the videos of you undergoing hypoxia training. You bastard.
  6. But now, while you are gunning down civlians and destroying red crystal vehicles and burning their placards you can pick up some neato pamphlet your IA guys distributed a few days ago that has a picture of dickbutt on it. THE FUTURE IS NOW.
  7. The intent for BLUFOR is to ambush and withdrawl from the REDFOR. The intent for REDFOR is to seize the obstacle while maintaining their T72 as combat effective.
  8. No setup timer. The mission statement explains to disrupt the enemy until 0715 (15 minutes after the mission starts) in order to delay them. The radio issue has been rectified - the volume of the vests used was changed in a BI update.
  9. Do it like Outerra. They have some nice technology.
  10. beta


  11. Your going to need to post the various files associated with your respawn stuff. My first guess would be Eden and the description.ext are not playing nice with each other. Try using one or the other for respawn.
  12. I am in support of a UOAF office. I do, however, agree with IAJT, discussions and eventually decisions need to be made now about how this will affect all offices at UO. Questions like: - Do Regulars retain the same powers and responsibilities in a UOAF BMS session as they do in a UOA3 session? - Do UOAF Officers retain powers regarding bans and administration for UOA3 matters? - Do UOA3 Officers retain TS control over UOAF channels (and vice versa)? - Do we have officers/appointments who control the entirety of TS? The entirety of game servers? As UO was founded on the basis of only playing Arma officially, changes need to be put in place now to ensure smooth integration of other official game titles.
  13. Plasma has similar storage problems as blood. You can potentially get away with saline, as long as it doesn't get too hot or freeze. For example, storage practices for saline in a hospital involve storing below 30 celsius, away from heat, moisture, and light. Unless you swap your saline out frequently (every patrol for example), you may run into saline that is bad and potentially doing harm to a casualty.
  14. I am somewhat confused over the implementation of cardiac arrest. Does it still happen from other sources than a mortal wound? The other two types of "what happens on a mortal wound" sound quite gamey, however, there are a few medical circumstances where a casualty can go into cardiac arrest from common battlefield wounds. Most of them however, generally will not be solved by epinephrine and CPR, and please stop carrying blood around in your patrol packs, it needs to stay cold you know ... Honestly, as long as they have a system where successful hits to vital areas incapacitate quickly, but non-vital area hits are significantly less effective as well as a reasonable simulation of bleeding to death, it is more than enough for me. Until you want to get into simulating surgery or "mundane" casualties like heat/cold injuries, sprains/broken bones, et cetera, then managing blood loss and the airway are really all you need for a solid simulation of combat medicine. Getting more granular on being incapacitated and the effects of being wounded would be wonderful.
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