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  1. Would you be interested in integrating this in ACE?
  2. Because it is all forced by server side configs.
  3. Please keep in mind, because you are using an unsupported method of modifying things (Not using the functions) - anything you do using this method WILL BREAK IN THE FUTURE, as those arrays WILL change.
  4. You caught us. We do in fact use NPP SQF highlighting.
  5. This is worth a ticket on the tracker. http://feedback.arma3.com/bug_report_page.php
  6. dafuq, what version of ACRE we are running with that changeValueAck spam?
  7. No, it will basically consist of empty "dummy" functionality (placeholder functions, empty modules, empty PBOs) for all CSE modules/methods/pbos/stuff people have used; stopping them from breaking from referencing CSE stuff.
  8. RHS also has godly super-armor on all their units fyi.
  9. I doubt its important at all, because they are implementing things directly into the sound engine; this completely changes the implementation and it is being done by knowledgeable people outside the bounds of SQF. I'm sure he can specify the features he was trying to poorly implement, and they will do it correctly (The internal sound engine they use, per the leaked source, is perfectly capable of many of these things such as echo, distance reverb, filtering, etc). Why do people like it? The same reason they like TFR - It was first out, so it got picked up, and that leaves it very entrenched. JSRS fits the more "gamey" aspect the majority of new A3 players desire; the simulation players of A3 are a minority these days. It may not sound realistic, and may have bugs, but it sounds better than vanilla.. I might throw in something about youtube too; people watch videos and think its real (like blastcore) - not realizing that they are the videos he sampled the sounds from, most of the time. (Or in blastcores case, people dont understand tracers look like that because its a video). My biggest concern would be the fact *they dont care about big games*. They have officially stated that they are focusing on BF-style servers and gameplay; e.g. ~30 player TVT scenarios. This is their bread and butter they want to focus on from a design perspective, so not like it much matters if it was fucked anyways. Do larger communities use it? No, they don't. How can I speak to this? I'm in a few skype channels with most of them. The few communities that allow optional mods, the admins hate it. There are 2 communities which in fact *do* use JSRS, and their technical people also complain about it up and down all day, every day.
  10. Oh yah, forgot about the SSD side of things. Also make sure to price compare the upgrade to buying the drive and popping it in yourself. Its another big markup.
  11. Whatever you get, its generally best to do the memory upgrades yourself. Get the bare minimum cheapest they will let you get; then compare their upgrades to ordering it on newegg or whatever yourself. Generally, they have a 60%+ markup for memory upgrades. Its one of the places they make their money.
  12. Because light source objects work fine. Its dynamic lights that there is the issue.
  13. We've messed with it in ACE; it didn't require any new item configurations, but did require some dynamic light fun. But directional lights are .... not trivial.
  14. Of course not. Majority of arma modders don't care for details.
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