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  1. TVT63_Offshore_Oil_Platform_V1.Stratis
  2. Next unofficial Tactial Tuesday 27AUG2019 ~1900Z. Please reply below if you are planning to join and at what time, so we know the numbers we can expect.
  3. Just load the "UO - Mod Pack" including all dependencies. Those contain all required mods for SRV1.
  4. First i want to apologize to Future. It never was my intention to teamkill him. The traitor icon bugged out in the crucial moment when i was entering the room Future was in. I was able to see Futures traitor icon earlier in the 2nd floor of the building at round start, but then got distracted by a firefight and committed a traitorous act by killing an innocent outside of the building. I turn around and try to get in the house where Future is in. I can hear shooting coming from the general direction. While getting in the 2nd floor I am not able to see his traitor icon through the walls while going up the stairs (normally i should have been able to see it). Turning around the corner on the door I see him without the icon or red name indicating his traitor status. I decide to shoot Future in a quick decision because of the following information: 1) I just committed a traitorous act outside and there was a possibilty the person in the house witnessed it. 2) The guy in the 2nd floor was aiming at my general direction with a possible intention to kill me because of 1). 3) No visible traitor icon where it was before in the 2nd floor. I thought maybe the traitor left or got killed by the 2 shots i heard. 4) No available information/communication about Future being Future and for this reason about his traitor status. Given this information I was certain that I was shooting an innocent who could possibly know I am a traitor. Future's name only then reappears after I already started to shoot him. As he dies his red name reappears and I realize that I killed an friendly traitor exclaiming "Oh no". I did instantly regret being so quick on the trigger finger as my intention was self-defense. To not further go against the missions objectives/intention I decide to make the best out of a bad situation. I check his body and announce his death and traitor status to other players through the automatic chat message and verbally. By doing this I wanted to discourage any close players from killing me which would have put my traitor team at an even bigger disadvantage after my accidental teamkill. You can see my perspective here: https://streamable.com/09ztr This is wrong. Whoever explained that traitors TKing was fine and part of the game was wrong. <br/>As a Traitor, you may not KOS or attack a fellow Traitor under any circumstances except for Self Defense. This is true although the dynamics of this mission are rather chaotic with a lot of accidental and sometimes intentional teamkilling on both sides going on. Especially on the innocents side when people act seemly in self-defense in chaotic and fast-paced situations. Additionally rounds are shortlived with a timelimit of 8 minutes often ending quicker. If I would have been aware that my actions are a bannable offense in this mission i would have been much more careful and doublechecked/PIDed like I normally do in Coop/TvT missions. Having played the mission a lot I was under the impression that the Charter/SOPs in regards to those teamkill/gameplay situations are rather lax enforced in the TTT mission playthroughs. In hindsight I would have never acted in this way in that and many other situations if this would not have been the case.
  5. Sniperteam doesnt have a rangecard or DAGR/Microdagr.
  6. Kicks you back to missions screen after slotting. "Bad vehicle type pook_spotternet_west19_Pack"
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