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    Casual Milsim (Arma 3), Commercial Aviation (Pays the bills) and firearms.
  1. Unfortunately I won't be able to make this one. Just found out I have to cover an additional trip this weekend. Will try to catch the next one, sorry.
  2. I should tentatively be able to attend. Will confirm when my next schedule drops.
  3. "Validation failure. Please ensure you are still using HTTPS. Close this page and try again." -That is the message I've been getting every time I tried to authenticate via the link in the last 24 hours. Tried from ISP's in several cities/states and from several devices using Chrome (PC's) and Safari (Apple iPad & iPhone). azzwort was kind enough to get me squared away when I contacted him on TS, but I couldn't read the error message to him at the time, so I wanted to post it here so that you're aware that it may still not be working for everyone.
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