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  1. Hey everyone! I'm the documentation lead on the United Operations Framework. If you have any questions related to the framework, contributing to the framework and so on: feel free to ask me! I'll respond as quickly as I can. Cheers, TrainDoctor
  2. This will remain, by design. The amount of caches and total IEDs has been reduced as in testing I found it more efficient to reduce the ao size and the total amount of IEDs available to insurgents.
  3. Fixed in V3, available in FINAL. http://forums.unitedoperations.net/index.php/page/ArmA3/missionlist/_/newupdated/tvt54-kirkuk-krackdown-v3-r1454#
  4. Quick clarification on my end. This is after a couple times where I switched to Omega's short range to communicate information since my group did not have a long-range radio. I was killed (I believe I was the second to die.) and moved to spectator. I had been hiding in a bush as contacts were far out and I was moving to avoid suppression. Crispi, my machine gunner was just up the hill from me and was firing on enemies near the far church. He was killed either before or after me (I believe before me.) Chisim was killed off-screen of me and I was unable to record that part of the incident. Woody was killed in the streets, easily PIDed as friendly by anyone else. I believe that Kita mistook the conventional fighting force we were facing for another insurgent group or the like. This is the only justifiable reason for what occurred. Regardless the negligence as ban reason is accurate in my eyes. I will try to reduce the video down into something use-able if need be.
  5. AO will be greatly refined in V3, and suggested patrol paths will be included.
  6. Intended and will remain. These AI will be made careless unless any insurgent is dumb enough to run out into the open to the North of the AO. Intent is to sandwich Insurgents between a rock and a hard-place.
  7. Will be fixed ASAP, absolutely not intended. This will remain, by design. (*6 caches) I will be reducing total size of the AO in V3 Not much I can do about this, civilians are on a loop which makes them aware of all explosives but this must not have been enough. And to address another concern in regards to the Insurgents and IEDs, I am more than likely going to enable mine spotting for REDFOR, or have a marker automatically be placed where-ever an explosive is placed. Thanks for the feedback guys, fixes will be in before next weekend rolls around.
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