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  1. I can conduct dedicated testing the same way we do for UOF. Will report back here with the results when I'm done. Is there any specific criteria or situations that anyone feels need to be accounted for in testing?
  2. TVT54 Kirkuk Krackdown V5
  3. Ahoy everyone! Quick update, a new version of the UOF has been released! Please visit our github page for more information. Link below. https://github.com/unitedoperations/UnitedOperationsFramework/releases If you have any feedback leave it here. Feature requests and bug reports should be filed on Github. Thanks, TrainDoctor
  4. Yes and no (soon though). I'm very interested in such an event, but I would hope that some time is taken to ensure those are attending are familiar with TFAR. At the invitational we had numerous members only familiar with TFAR struggling with ACRE. (Something to note for any events we do going forward imo).
  5. Fantastic missions! Glad to see such a large turnout. GG well played to all.
  6. On the framework end, The hint command is being changed to hintsilent in the capture zone module, so don't worry about that annoying beeping after this version.
  7. Quick update on the framework, 1.0.4 was recently released into the official modpack! The UOF team is looking for feedback and assistance in writing documentation for the framework so please let me know if you're interested. The docs are available here: https://unitedoperations.github.io/UnitedOperationsFramework/ Please keep in mind the docs are are WIP so some modules may not be be fully or even partially documented.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm the documentation lead on the United Operations Framework. If you have any questions related to the framework, contributing to the framework and so on: feel free to ask me! I'll respond as quickly as I can. Cheers, TrainDoctor
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