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  1. Might as well make my statement tho it won't matter. In regards to what I posted on discord earlier. No shock value or malicious intent was mean't. The reason for posting was so if a user wanted to be informed or was curious as to the build up of said event then they could make their own decision to watch. The links posted were clearly labelled as to prevent click bait. If a user was to then go and click on the links, then they would be doing so with full knowledge of what they were about to view. Another users previous to me had been posting various other liveleak videos which show humanly harm in other situations but they were permitted. Understandably this situation involved inoccents, non the less, they were permitted. In regards to the mission that I made which some individuals took offence to seeing as the points I made when question have clearly being ignored and a false fact has been issued instead. I disbanded and deleted said mission over a month prior to when it came to mainstream light the mission had been made, I had no involvement in continued development or "testing" when X users were constantly on the test server using it as a server to frequently play the mission. Matter afact the user who frequently held sessions playing it and uploaded it often was a Regular, while also a handful of regulars, donators, and notable users in the community played it just as often. When it came to mainstream light and someone reported it, i had no problem with clesrly and openly admitting I originally made it as a form of testing Amature code, while yes having a controversial theme. I was never rude, withheld the truth or attempted to frame others. What I never took responsibility for was the constant uploading, playing, and continued development of the mission for the simple fact that I had nothing to do with it. So to claim I never claimed any wrong doing and was arugmentive is a blatant lie. And as for the user who participate, none saw a warning or even a speaking to apart from one. And finally the posting of inappropriate content previously was just an honest mistake. Shouldn't have happened but it wasn't that serious and I apologise at the time. Summery: If a ban comes of this then it'll be sad to go as I thoroughly enjoy UO and the community it has birthed. I apologise if someone has found offense to my recent discord post but as stated above, no bad intent was behind it. Anyways, have a good day???
  2. I did suggest to Blue on Discord in the #public_requests channel that once the wiki is back up and running that a section under Arma 3 be created called "Resources" in which stuff like this can be archived. I imagine it would go something like so: 1. Post on the forums your suggested content. 2. Make a statement as to why it should be added, what it consists of, how it will actually benefit people, and where it came from. 3. Once proved to be a good, solid piece of completed content that can aid people, have it added to said area on the wiki. In all honesty I'd love to tidy up the wiki. Since joining the community I've always wanted to fix all the broken stuff on it, add content, put things where they should be and so on... But sadly I don't have permission as I'm not a regular. So even if I wanted to edit your artical Pax, I couldn't
  3. Yes this is correct. I was going to share this but like 95%+ is not used in Arma. I believe the handbook fits right into that nice little sweet spot of what works and doesn't work in Arma! But none the less
  4. Title: Map markings Publisher: Combat Communication Information Systems School Version: 01 Latest Revision: March 2017 Formal purpose: To provide students on various courses a pocket sized handout consisting of 14 pages that will aid in low level map marking. Arma's purpose: To provide players and mission makers with a detailed and well laid out handbook that will possibly aid to creating well detailed and realistic map markers for briefs and mission making. After chatting with a few people who were interested and also an enjoyment of sharing stuff like so to the community; I've scanned off my handbook and I present it to you in a .PDF format. Any question or requests for further material related to any topic that you may wish to know more on please feel free to ask. If classification is ok then I'll share. Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmc8ehvnjp0e11c/Map Markings.pdf?dl=0 (2.01MB)
  5. I'm sure it does unless it's a 2D scope. All FOV changes in games to a larger number decrease overall LOD at distance but that's the trade off for having a wider FOV
  6. Quick thread Ever wanted to adjust your FOV in Arma? Well you can. And it's super easy. 1. Go here http://hia3.com/tools/armafovcalculator-en 2. Input your details 3. Follow the instruction at the bottom of the site where it tells you which file to paste the numbers in 4. Profit Enjoy a fov of 75-120
  7. Literally 101 of why you don't land 10 meters from an objective. People fail to ever learn tho.
  8. Welcome my dude. Make sure to check out our Arma 3 weekends and the UOAF that play regularly. If you get stuck with anything, have questions, or simply wanna chat then make sure to jump on Discord, Teamspeak, or post here; I'm sure someone will more more then happy to talk As for myself, I'm TheLocalPub, people call me "Pub", you'll see me around regularly like many other. Oh... and let's not forget Sunday It's not a myth you know.
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