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  1. I'm definitely in for the round starting Feb 11th
  2. Thanks Dark, I've been glancing around the wiki and checking out the SOPs, I'll try to have myself up to date in the next couple weeks.
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm Danimal (or Dan or Daniel, whatever), I've been flying Falcon for about a year now, and I flew my first flight with you guys last week in a pick up, as well as the Saturday Session 317. I had a great time, and I'd like to start flying regularly with UO. I'm in the Discord and the TS, so I guess this is just me checking in and introducing myself. My steam user ID is ds_1395, feel free to add me. I'm usually game to fly pickup flights most days after ~1600 EST, and I'll be around today for the Friday Night Flights. As I said, I had a blast flying last week and I'm looking forward to flying with y'all again. Cheers!
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