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  1. I will not contest the ban.
  2. Nomad

    CO14 Prei Prey HC v1.0

    Recommendation to add chem-lights, tripwire flares, and handheld flares. Good mis.
  3. I am excited with the ambition of Bohemia and the creativity of developers to push this kind of content our way and am sure that mission makers and script developers in our community will utilize the theme of this DLC, even if not the DLC itself, to create some unique missions with this alien theme. I am not hopeful that the tactics we use to play will change or that a new "feel" to the way the enemies will maneuver and behavior through both presentation (animation and art style) and mechanics (they'll still be "combat, aware, safe, careless, or stealth") will change whatsoever. I will likely wait for this to go on sale to purchase.
  4. Sorry I signed up for this and missed it. Worked late last night and then ended up falling asleep.
  5. During the event with AFI, my platoon leader @Kingslayer was killed by a hostile maneuver team flanking our position. That was the last thing they did that mission!
  6. *** Won't be able to make it, sorry - can't edit original post. Have fun.
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