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  1. Really enjoyed it, thanks for organising it. Equal parts exciting and terrifying. I'm hoping someday the brevity and SA fairies will visit me...
  2. Jools

    UOAF - BMS - Thunderdome

  3. I'll try to be there if not for this, then for a flight later Sunday evening
  4. Jools

    UOAF - BMS #315 - 1900z

    Slot 2 or 4 in Falcon > Fury > Lobo
  5. Jools

    UOAF - BMS #313 - 1900z

    Changed to out
  6. Fury 2
  7. Jools

    UOAF - BMS #310 - 1900z

    Can I get Lobo-4 or Fury-4 please?
  8. Surprised it took me 5 flights to trash an air-frame.
  9. IVC check was fine, I didn't need to restart between IVC check and take off. When I got into the pit I was on VHF 2 and could hear my flight but they could not hear me. I could see the VHF2 lighting up but no one could hear me. I'll check frequency but I've not touched the frequency It became clear that I had spawned behind a flight other than my own, so I took off on my own. I intended to catch up to my flight using the datalink but I got a bit tumbleweed and neglected to raise my gear. I got a warning for my nosewheel steering, tried to raise my gear at this point but the green lights remained on. So I declared emergency landing and used chat to say I was RTB. On final the landing gear lights went out so I checked my speed and judging it against my fuel flow I believed my gear were down so I decided to try as ejecting would lose the airframe. On landing the plane pitched forward heavily and started sliding sideways down the runway so I ejected. Comments/Advice? I put it down to experience, would like to jump on and check IVC in game before another proper mission though.
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