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  2. UOAF BMS Session 362 - Saturday [2018-12-08, 1900z] THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.2 DOWNLOAD MISSION DATA CARD RESERVE YOUR SLOT SITUATION Russian forces have seized Finland with a lightning armoured attack. Record snowfall has disrupted supply lines and delayed the Russian offensive. A NATO regroup and counter-attack is currently underway. The joint efforts of the 331st FS (NoAF) and 23rd FS (USAF) in the last operation, have resulted in the airspace around the FLOT being clear of direct SAM and enemy air threats. We are now tasked with reducing Russian air power around the fjords of Northern Norway by striking the ALTA Airbase. THREAT ANALYSIS GROUND 1x SA-10 Battalion stationed on the ALTA Airfield. 2x Known SA-17 Battalions to the East and South of ALTA. Armored, Mech, & HQ battalions employ a variety of SA-19, Shilka, SA-13, SA-8, & towed AAA. Flight below 12k ft AGL in enemy territory is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. AIR POWER Expect scrmabling aircraft from Alta Airbase, possible interceptions from the Kuznetsov or from Enontekio. Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier54x Su-33 Alta Airbase18x MiG-29S 18x Su-35 18x Su-30MKK Enontekio Airbase18x MiG-29S 16x Su-27 ***COMMIT RANGES*** Fighters: 40nm <20nm = DANGER! PACKAGE 830 MISSION: Annihilate ALTA Airbase & Destroy local SAM threat. EXECUTION COWBOY 2 is to push ahead and SEAD over ALTA. (Prioritise SA-10, SA-17 Secondary) “PAPA BEAR” is a friendly Air Defense emplacement at Bardufoss Airbase – Patriot, Hawk, & AAA. An additional Patriot is stationed at HOME PLATE GYPSY 1 destroy SA-10 launchers & any other targets handed to you by COWBOY 2 AVENGER 1 destroy ALTA airbase (Prioritise the runway) FALCON 2 & FURY 2 engage enemy air threats, protect the package. If you cannot defeat bandits in enemy territory, drag bandits towards "PAPA BEAR" RESTRICTIONS Hard deck 12k ft AGL enemy side of FLOT Restricted Airspace 10nm North/East of ALTA RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Declare all contacts with AWACS. Friendly aircraft may be operating in the area COMMS Evenes Tower......UHF 15 308.775 Package..............UHF 17 359.300 WEATHER Morning – daylight Low pressure system moving in from the west 5-10sm vis Overcast/broken ceiling with intermittent light snow As you move east, away from the mountains, conditions improve, cloud cover becomes scattered Not expected to change in the next hour VFR take off and landing is possible RECOVERY EVENES airbase RWY 16 /34 VFR conditions: Overhead break If ILS approach required, use 10DME @4000' MSL for FAF RWY16 ILS frequency: 108.90 TACAN: 067X RWY ELEV: 200’ MSL DA: 400' MSL PREPARATION BVR Tactics – lofting slammers, crank, notch, pump, grinder ADDER Missile defense SA-10 SEAD and defense ILS approaches Data link – assigning targets GBU & SDB attacks Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Event created by: Oirien & Woody, weather by Gasman
  3. UOAF BMS Session 359 - Saturday [2018-11-17, 1900z] Theater: UOAF_ITO80s_v2.2.1 RESERVE YOUR SLOT OPERATION SPREY AND PREY KILL ZONE AI Package AI 6303 Mission: Destroy Any Vehicles in the Kill Zones, stop Egyptian Reinforcements Day 3 of the war, after the last sortie to remove the remainder of the Egyptian airforce we have been given clearance to recommence the destruction of their ground assets in the Sinai. Furthermore due to numerous enemy armoured assets reinforcing the forces already deployed we have been given a secondary task to destroy their access route to the frontlines. Weasel1 4ship F-16D - AI OBJ Junk (Green) Cobra1 4ship F-16C - AI OBJ Fighter (Blue) Intruder1 4ship A-4M - AI OBJ Mafia (Red) Avenger1 4ship F-16D - Strike OBJ Turkey (Yellow) Gypsy1 4Ship F-16C - BARCAP Western Sinai and Protect AI Flights (Black) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Package Order/Communications/TACAN 1. Weasel1 - Flight VHF1, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 11X/74X 2. Cobra1 - Flight VHF2, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 12X/75X 3. Intruder1 - Flight VHF3, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 13X/76X 4. Avenger1 - Flight VHF4, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 14X/77X 5. Gypsy1 - Flight VHF5, Package UHF17, Tower UHF15, 15X/78X -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weather Clear Sky Takeoff 1030 Morning -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Event created by: Oirien
  4. Top tier examination, really makes you tihnk about the truely important parts of flight simming. https://gyazo.com/da32a185be850a7e0107e9a5509ffeee
  5. CO24 Pebble Island v2
  6. TVT72 Battle of Mount Tumbledown v1
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