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  1. UOAF BMS Session 380 - Saturday [2019-04-20, 1800z] THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.3 RESERVE YOUR SLOT OCA Strike - Sodankyla Situation Russian air power is still hanging on. We have traced 4 squadrons of enemy fighters to Sodankyla, a crippled airfield. This strike should cause massive disruption to the enemy and their frontline fighter presence. Mission 1 flight of Norwegian F-16AMs will perform an OCA Strike. FALCON 1 is tasked with destroying whatever is left on the airfield, prioritize the runways. 1 flight of Norwegian F-16AMs will Escort the package. SERPENT 1 is tasked with protecting the package from any enemy air threats. 1 flight of US F-16Cs will perform SEAD. SHARK 1 is tasked with destroying any immediate enemy anti-air threats to the package. SHARK 1 will double up as an Escort for the package. THREAT ANALYSIS MUD THREATS: Manpads and AAA. SA-17. 4nm South West of Orajarvi. Expect roaming groups. ENEMY BASE ASSESSMENT: HOYBUKTMOEN (North East) 16 SU-27 13 SU-25 KUUSAMO (South East) 18 SU-30MKK 18 MiG-23ML
  2. UOAF BMS Session 370 (4.33U5) Saturday [2019-02-02] 1900Z THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.3 Download mission data card DISCORD: https://discord.gg/0WqRco0nennZY05d Another attempt at last weeks mission! This event will be posted on UO Discord #uoaf-events channel. Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Event created by: Woody <3
  3. Depending on the date, I would be interested.
  4. UOAF BMS Session 369 (4.33U5) Saturday [2019-01-26] 1900Z THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.3 Download mission data card DISCORD: https://discord.gg/0WqRco0nennZY05d United Operations website will be going down at some point for an undetermined time for updates. This event will be posted on UO Discord #uoaf-events channel. No need to RSVP. Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Event created by: Woody <3
  5. UOAF BMS Session 365 Saturday [2018-12-29] 1900Z THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.3 DOWNLOAD: MISSION DATA CARD RESERVE YOUR SLOT HOLIDAY CLAPBACK SITUATION Our defensive counter air work has been extremely successful. Friendly F-15C flights are on station over BARDUFOSS, giving us enough breathing room to strike back at the enemy. The time now is 14:47, at 15:10 we will conduct a counterattack on KITTILA Airbase, approximately 70 miles East of the FLOT. KITTILA is home to two squadrons of Russian attackers and a Squadron of MiG29s, we know that they are a key element in the enemy's attempts on our base. MISSION Five flights of F-16s will be involved in the counter attack, Two from the NoAF and Three from the USAF. The intent of this mission is to destroy KITTILA Airfield. Tasking (In take off order) LOBO1 - Conduct SEAD to the NORTH of the package, en route to the target. PANTHER1 - Conduct SEAD to the SOUTH of the package, en route to the target. PYTHON1 - Protect the package from any enemy air threats. COWBOY1 & FURY1 - Destroy KITTILA Airbase, prioritize the runways. MUD THREATS SA-10s North and South of the package flight path, SEAD flights priority. SA-17s moving around East of the FLOT (North of our crossing point). SA-17s moving around South of the Target. AIR THREATS MiG-29s May scramble from KITTILA in an attempt to counter our attack. Enemy CAP from the South is likely to be operating in the area, expect anything from MiG29s to SU-35s. Comms UHF 15 - Bardufoss Tower. UHF 17 - Package. Weather It's not been long since our scramble. Weather is unchanged. Overcast at takeoff, the clouds clear up to the East. Event Checklist Minimum Competencies Event Created By Woody <3
  6. If I don't get 4.34 for Christmas I'm gonna wait so hard...
  7. UOAF BMS Session 363 - Saturday [2018-12-15, 1900z] THEATER: NORDIC POLAR VORTEX v2.3 RESERVE YOUR SLOT SITUATION Russian forces have seized Finland with a lightning armoured attack. Record snowfall has disrupted supply lines and delayed the Russian offensive. A NATO counter-attack is currently underway. The joint efforts of the 331st FS (NoAF) and 23rd FS (USAF) in the last operation, have resulted in the ALTA Airfield in the North being destroyed, meaning we now have access to the North Sea. We are now tasked with sinking the Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia's aircraft carrier, currently supporting their forces from the North. THREAT ANALYSIS THE RUSSIAN FLEET Kuznetsov has the naval equivalent of the SA-15. Each of the 13 escort ships have the naval equivalent of SA-11s. Every ship will defend itself with AAA. AIR POWER Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier 54x SU-33 Enontekio Airbase 18x MiG-29S 16x SU-27 ***COMMIT RANGES*** Fighters: 40nm <20nm = *DANGER* PACKAGE 13226 MISSION: Sink the Russian Carrier, the admiral Kuznetsov. DATA INI FILE(Place in your Data\Add-On NTO Polar Vortex\Campain: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vqguv7tv4a1whtp/UOAF%20363%20Pre%201.ini?dl=0 EXECUTION Package take off in order of table. Marshall at STPT 3. PUSH through STPT 4 to STPT 5 (IP) VIPER 1 Provide cover from air threats for the package. FURY 1, PYTHON 1, SHARK 1, SNAKE 1. Cross IP at STPT 5, search for and engage the Kuznetsov at STPT 6. A Tanker, callsign “CANTEEN 1” is on station at from 1013 to 1513. Between STPT 3 & STPT 4 at 24k ft. If you cannot defeat bandits in enemy territory, drag them towards STPT 9, CANTEEN 1’s HAVCAP may be able to support you. RESTRICTIONS DO NOT FLY INTO THE KILLBOX. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Declare all contacts with AWACS Friendly aircraft may be operating within the area. COMMS Bardufoss Tower...VHF: 280.700 Package………….UHF 17 Tanker…………….UHF 13 - Guard Net. WEATHER = TBD RECOVERY BARDUFOSS airbase RWY 11/29 VFR conditions: Overhead break RWY11 ILS frequency: 110.30. hdg 110 RWY29 ILS frequency: 108.70. hdg 290 TACAN: 081X VHF: 280.700 RWY ELEV: 200’ MSL DA: 400’ MSL Alternates EVENES airbase RWY 16/34 ILS: 108.9 RW 16 TACAN: 67X UHF: 308.775 RWY ELEV: 200’ MSL Visual RW 34 LAGNES (Alt East) airbase RWY 01/19 ILS: 110.90 RW 01 ILS: 109.90 RW 19 TACAN: 47X VHF: 118.300 RWY ELEV: 0’ MSL ANDENES: (Alt West) airbase RWY 02/20 ILS: 109.35 RW 20 TACAN: 28X UHF: 369.25 RWY ELEV: 0’ MSL Visual RW 02 Penguin "Tutorial" This video is event specific, made for the F-16AM Pilots. Event Created by: Woody, Ghostdog, Gusy
  8. CO28 SyriaForce Dyala v1
  9. Big oof lmao. All of my missions have this, so the CO can switch things up on the ground if anything goes wrong, I'll remove them all ASAP. I apologize for the broken briefings, I should've known better.
  10. CO46 Chamkar Paddies v1
  11. CO28 NamForce Cambodia v3
  12. CO28 PoliceForce Rosche v2
  13. CO28 FireForce Cherno v7
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